Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Summer "Blah's"

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

I know this title might come to a shock for a lot of people. How can any one have a "blah" feeling in the summer? I mean isn't the summer always so full of fun activities planned every weekend during this beautiful time of year? For sure! And that's what kind of gives me the feelings of "blah". 

Summer isn't actually my favorite season. I LOVE Fall and all the coziness that comes with it. I love the holiday season, baking, sweaters and scarves. 

It is no surprise that Summer is a busy time of year in our lives. Our lives typically revolve around work as we work through the summer and early fall season till snow starts to fly and we can no longer harvest sod. In the meantime, we participate in other events but we are tired! The crazy hours have caught up to us. The late weekend nights don't help either. We usually try to stick close to home as possible. You just never know when something is needed. 

While there is beautiful weather, everyone jams packs the days full of fun things to do. Most of the events I REALLY look forward to but then it gets to a point that your head is spinning with calendar organization, making sure that no important events get missed. 

We have gotten to the point of the summer where the weather is HOT! Too hot. When you live in a home that doesn't have proper air conditioning, you feel that summer heat. It has gotten to the point in the summer that when the weather gets too hot, we do all of our cooking out side and spend some nights sleeping in the cool basement. We are constantly juggling cooking and closing off rooms just so that the house stays below a certain temperature. It's exhausting. 

I guess I'm just over Summer (don't shoot me, ha ha!) and ready for a change of season already! I'm ready for beautiful fall colors, a cooler home, and less work stresses. Don't worry, I'll be back BEGGING for Summer by next February...;) 



  1. bite your tongue

  2. You know I'm in your corner on this one... lol Trying SO hard to stay in the moment and appreciate summer (because really, it's been an awesome one so far!) - but I can't help dreaming of fall!!!

  3. We have an old house as well and the air doesn't make it upstairs properly! We have a window air conditioner up there!! I am a big fan of summer and love being outside, although putting on baby sunscreen is no joke around these parts!!

  4. I'm not quite ready for summer to be over...I'm enjoying going for evening walks or sitting on the front steps watching cars go by when Amelia is fussy. I hear you on the sleeping during the hot's no fun at all!

  5. I have to take comps in the fall... shhhhhh! Bring on more summer!