Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Fun and Garden Harvests!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend! It was a HOT one around home and when you don't have central air, it really effects the quality of sleep you are getting. But we are managing and hoping the heat breaks soon! We are getting really creative on ways to stay cool! Lots of shade, outdoor cooking and water activities! 

This weekend it was mostly Sam and I. Ryan was in town but participating in a ball tournament! Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal but he played 5 games! 4 of which were on Saturday. 

Friday night Sam and I chilled at home as Ryan was gone. When Sam went to bed I watched a movie and relaxed. I knew Saturday was going to be a busy day and wanted to be well rested! 

Saturday morning I made my boys a big homemade waffle breakfast! Ryan headed out to ball just as Sam was going down for his morning nap. After he woke up we headed out to watch another game. We were there to support Ryan but I have to tell you going to the ball field with Sam right now is a challenge. He has zero interest in the game and wants to just crawl around unsafe areas. He could see Ryan and would yell "Dada" but couldn't understand why he couldn't go out to see him. By the end of the game, I was exhausted and ready to head home for lunch! 

Sam went down for his afternoon nap and I had a busy 2 hours of chores! Sandwiches, laundry, suppers in the freezer and cookies. Eventually Sam woke up and I made supper. Ryan got Sam ready for bed while I get ready for a fun stag for friends/cousin. I went and picked up the babysitter and we gave her all our contact stuff. I have to say, she was an AWESOME babysitter and we will definitely be getting her again! 

We had a lot of fun at the stag and it was great to get out for the evening! 

Thanks Cheryl Dolan Art & Photography for the great pics! 

The next morning Ryan and I were pretty tired but Sam was very rested! We decided to all head to church and then have breakfast afterwards. While Sam was napped that afternoon I worked on my veggie garden! I am LOVING my garden this year! It is SO much easier to take care of. I am getting better veggies from it this year than ever before. This was my first pick of beans and there are still many more growing! I blanched and froze these beans for future meals. 

Sam woke up and we all had a left over pasta casserole that was in the freezer. It was just too hot to put much effort into cooking! 

We are very blessed that this whole farm is surrounded with wild raspberry canes! All week long we have been taking drives after supper and getting "dessert". Sam LOVES raspberries and eats half the bowl on the drive back in home. We get a bowl like this every night! Yum! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. oh really...secret stash of your own raspberries...maybe i will have to sneak into fields and steal some bahaha!
    Glad to hear the babysitter worked out! We were pretty tired Sunday too - way past my bedtime!