Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Change Of Plans!

Hey Everyone! Sorry about the radio silence over the last week. Our lives have taken a huge shift this last week and we've had to spend some time focusing on different stuff. With Canada Day in the mix, our schedules have been jam packed. This week for example, I am a work-from-home mom! 

Sam's daycare provider contacted us over the weekend to let us know her daughter has Chicken Pox. The old rule was that children got vaccinated for chicken pox at 12 months and it even looks like Sam has been via his book. But a quick call to the local CLSC and it turns out that they don't get the shot until 18 months now. Meaning, if Sam went to daycare this week, he would likely get chicken pox. While I know chicken pox is not a serious virus, I don't want to risk him getting the fever and sore blisters if I can help it. 

It was a bit of a scramble trying to figure out what to do for the week. Ryan attempted to take a day off so that I can go to work, but so far has been unsuccessful. Thankfully, any pressing work that I need to do, can mostly be done at home! I'll do about 2 hours of computer work during Sam's afternoon nap and go to the office every evening for another hour. 

It's been a little stressful. Work is constantly on my mind. I am having a hard time shutting off my brain and just enjoying the time with Sam. I have to admit, there are other perks! I have never been this caught up on laundry since I've started back to work. I've gone through some "junk" area's that were building up and sorted through the rest of Sam's baby things for storage! 

Not to mention the uninterrupted time I've gotten with Sam. I don't get to see as much of him during the days and watching how his imagination and playfulness has grown is so fun! He is such a little boy and loves balls, anything with a wheel and being outside! He is also in this stage where he wants me around ALL the time watching him. He loves to try to get a reaction out of me when he does something he is proud of. 

It's been an interesting couple of days and I'm trying my best to enjoy it to the fullest because I know next week I'll be back to our regular schedule and missing him again. 


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  1. Glad you found a way to make things work!! Noah did get his shot at 14 months for chicken pox! But I don't blame you for not sending him, why create a miserable baby when it can be avoided!!