Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stuff I wanted To Post About Yesterday!

Happy Tuesday! An impromptu day on the road yesterday meant that I was not able to post my blog post! As crappy as the unexpected is, I really do enjoy my days on the road. I get to go out and visit with clients and I LOVE listening to the radio on the drive. Yesterday afternoon is all about the talk radio which talks a lot about the election stuff that I am REALLY in to! 

We are about 6 months into our daycare routine and I have to say, I am not sick of the drive yet! I know I haven't had to do it in the winter yet, but so far I enjoy the peaceful drive to and from Sam's daycare. Lately he has been LOTS of fun on the drives home. He loves to sing and dance and "talk" to me the whole time. He use to have a melt down when I would go and pick him up but he's not doing that everyday now! 

He has been such a BOY lately! And it was very evident this weekend when I got to spend some one on one time with him! He is all about trucks, building things, driving around and banging objects on the floor. He is also a typical Aries! Sweet one minute and morphs into a crazy tantrum the next. He seems to be a sensitive little guy and can easily have his feelings hurt. 

For the most part this weekend we had a blast! Friday night we made Nann bread pizza's and relaxed! 

Saturday morning we were up and had a breakfast out followed by groceries! There was lots of play time! Walks, exploring outside and swinging! At the beginning of the summer Sam HATED being on the outdoor swing! But he's come around and it is the first thing he goes to now! He can sit there and be pushed for 15-20 minutes! We are really trying to soak up and enjoy the outdoor time right now before it gets colder! I will miss being about to just walk outside in our bare feet! I am not looking forward to the bundling up a little one! 

Saturday night Sam had his first sleepover next door at his Uncle and Aunt's! His big cousin Everett is only 9 months older then him and I expect there will be many more sleepovers together in the future! Its going to be nice with them living next door to one another! A built in best friend! 

My brother and SIL watched Sam so I could enjoy an evening out to celebrate a bride-to-be on her last night out before she gets hitched! 

Sunday was low-key as we played, got meals made ahead of time for the week and waited till Daddy came home from his weekend away for a bachelor party! I might have joined Sam for a little shut-eye when he went down for his naps. 

Yesterday, my Facebook was a buzz with all the back-to-school pictures! I couldn't help but feel really excited for all the kids! I love and still love this time of year! I was always so thrilled to start a new school year! #nerdalert Being an adult, the back to school means the return of more traffic on the roads! Sam's drive in to daycare yesterday took about 5 minutes longer than normal! 

And just because I thought it was so cute, yesterday after supper we were playing outside before it was time for Sam to go to bed. I was sitting on the ground and Sam was running around. All the sudden he bent down and picked a clover flower. He looked at it and then waddled over and handed it to me. I thought it was the cutest thing. My first "flower" from my boy! 

Hope you have a great Tuesday and Happy September!! 



  1. I'm glad Sam had fun at his sleepover on Saturday night! Love seeing the pics of him... I need a Sam fix, STAT!!! ;)

  2. We are going to have some sad boys when this weather gets colder. I mean, John rarely wears clothes when he's home, so that's going to be a rude awakening. Ugh. Not looking forward to Winter, I heard it is going to be WORSE than last year! So glad you guys are enjoying all of the warm weather while you have it. And that your sweet little boy gave you a flower!!!

  3. Love the flower. Quentin picked me a buttercup and I kept it until it turned into dust.