Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh Spring!

Wow! It was a special week last week. I cannot apologize for the lack of posting. There just has not been enough hours in the day! Literally, it has been chaos! But it wasn't just work! Life has been crazy too! But that is Spring at the farm for you! Add in a sick toddler and a visit to CHEO. I got a call on friday morning that Sam had just been very needy and couldn't stop coughing. Without hesitation I went to go get him and after a quick stop to tie up loose ends at the office, we headed home for PJ's and R&R! Just what my sick boy needed! And maybe me too. Because it really doesn't matter how busy work and life is, Sam always comes first and sometimes you need to drop everything for a sick boy who needs cuddles! 

Waiting at CHEO 

We had a quiet day and night on Friday but by Saturday Sam was really on the mend! He was way more active and like himself. After a large breakfast, we packed up the car to go and help get ready for a poker tournament! The Canada Day Committee was hosting the tournament to help raise funds for the the Canada Day festivities for this year. 

Sam was really into helping! Being that he was sick, I opted out of playing poker this year to give him another day to get better! 

While Ryan played, Sam and I went home for his afternoon nap. When he woke up, we headed back to the hall to see how everything was going! We had supper, time at the park and ice cream on the way home! It ended up being a quiet night. But I hear that the tournament did wonderfully! 

Sunday morning, we opted out of church and instead decided to spend to morning together and run to Shawville for groceries! I actually ended up dropping the boys off at the park to play. I grabbed a coffee and enjoyed a peaceful shopping trip! 

We ate lunch at home and the headed outside before nap to work outside for a while. Sam went down for a nap and I puttered at getting the office ready for our new administration person that starts today! I am so looking forward to adding in this essential part of the team! I worked on MVT work at home, made pizza dough for supper and Ryan got working on getting Sam's playhouse in working order! Busy afternoon! 

We had a quiet evening getting ready for the week ahead! I did manage to go through and empty Sams closet and put in better fitting stuff! He is in this awkward stage where size 2T shirts are WAY too small but 3T shirts are just a tad too big. Lots crossed off the to-do list this weekend! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Remember - keep all the stuff that doesn't fit him this summer for next when he will likely be out of a diaper and will likely fit in them still!

  2. Gosh you were busy! Sounds like a good busy though. Glad your little one is feeling better!

  3. Glad Sammy's feeling better! Sure didn't like seeing the poor guy looking so sick on Friday. It was good he was feeling better on Saturday, since he had some chicks to wheel! ;)

  4. Poor Sam, hope he's on the mend! I hear ya on the spring rush - we really didn't plan the timing of a newborn very well, spring rush is in full effect, which means long days for hubby in the fields and long days for me at home!! I did Noah's clothes right before Emilya arrived, but now I need to get Emilya's stuff set!!