Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sam's 2nd Birthday - The Details

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome to Spring in Canada...Where we can still get crazy snow storms! Ryan is back on nights for the rest of the week and so it feels just like it did back in the winter! 

Even though it's going to cold and snowy, my thoughts are warm and cozy thinking about Sam's 2nd birthday party from last weekend! It all went off just how I wanted! 

I am slowly starting to work on Sam's "big boy" room. It is going to be airplane themed and I have been gathering random decor items. I decided to go with that theme for his second birthday as well. It was a much smaller family party but I still wanted to have some sort of theme. 

I seem to like to find themes that have ZERO decor help in stores. So I basically had to make everything myself. I started early by collecting ideas, making the invites and doing the most tedious task...making the banner. 

For the meal I opted for simple brunch items and instead of cake, donuts! And I may be totally in love with brunch for a birthday party! It was so much easier to prepare and everything was cleaned up by the afternoon. 

Ryan was really helpful this year in decorating. All I had to do was give him instructions and he worked away while I finished up cooking. By 8 PM on Friday night my kitchen looked like this....

It was a little frightening. But by 9:30 PM we were done and ready! I was a little amazed how easily and quickly it came together. Just goes to show planning works! Ha ha! 

Sam is slightly obsessed with bouncy right now! Trampolines or bouncy castles...he loves it all! But I didn't want to fork over $300 to rent one. Instead I my brother asked a family friend if we could use their's and it was perfect! It started snowing that morning and the small bouncy house fit right under the veranda! 

Although the airplane theme was difficult at first, making all the decorations was way cheaper and I had fun getting creative and doing it! A lot of the supplies I already had on hand, the food I used a gift certificate. So the grand total for a 2nd birthday party (feeding 17 people, decorations and treat bags) was $134! A fun and successful 2nd birthday! 



  1. Looks like a terrific party. Reg would have loved that theme, after 30 plus years serving in Canada's air force. Happy Birthday, Sam. <3

  2. Your attention to detail with the theme was incredible. I'm realizing there were things I didn't even notice now that I'm looking at your pictures! It was such a fun brunch b-day party, and Sam looked like he was having a ball :)