Friday, April 29, 2016

A Few Things This Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has gone by super quick! I know mine did! But that is Spring time. The days are full and fly by! But that doesn't mean that I am not excited to see the weekend to come! At the farm, we are started weekend work this week! This is both a good thing and a bad. It means that my relaxing weekends and getting SO much stuff done is coming to an end. The good news, is this weekend I don't have to work. I already booked it off! Woo hoo! 

After a super long post on Wednesday (Sorry about that), I thought I'd keep this one a little more light and airy. 

1. The other morning, a tired Lindsay and a tired Ryan had a big fight over 1 slice of pizza. 

Have you ever had a fight with someone and at the time it seems SO important and then you look back and realize just how stupid it was? That was us. 

I had made homemade pizza and we had 4 slices left over. On Monday, Ryan had 2 of those slices on his lunch and I had 1. That left 1 slice leftover. On Tuesday morning, I went ahead and put the slice in Ryan's lunch. He took it out and said he didn't want it (I had spaghetti leftovers for the day). So then for the next 20 minutes (at 5 AM) we proceeded to fight over this slice of pizza. He said he just wanted a ham sandwich and I blamed him for always wasting food. The pizza first ended up in Ryan's lunch kit as he said "Fine. It's in my lunch. Happy now?" and in a mad fury, I took it out of his lunch and threw it in the trash and said, "STARVE THEN" before walking away. 

I couldn't help but giggle at the thought now and how ridiculous it was to be fighting over this one little slice of pizza. I guess we are pretty well off if that's what we fight about. 

2. I have a new obsession. It is always a struggle for me to stay awake after Sam goes to bed. If I'm not doing something, I just want to go to bed. In the winter it's practicing piano for 30 minutes a day and in the summer is gardening. But the Spring is tough. I'm on break from Piano and there is no gardening to do yet. So, I've been picking up my knitting needles and have been clicking away at different projects. One of my favorites was this little baby girl set for a new baby at daycare. Since then I've been making a couple of other projects to have as future gifts as friends or family have little ones. But I'm really hooked on knitting right now and I don't see it stopping for a while! 

3. That being said, I am REALLY anxious to get my garden going again! It was super successful last year with my new raised gardens! This year we have hopes to expand it a little bigger so that I can add a couple other different plants. My hopes is that eventually (in a long time!) I will get a little greenhouse to pre-grow some of my veggies and flowers. 

4. Speaking of projects, we have a couple BIG ones on the go. With some birthday money for Sam, we bought him a new play structure! The plan is to make the "play" area bigger and full of sand and a little rock quarry for all of Sam's trucks. We also have all the material to finish the bathroom at the pool. The problem? It's just Ryan and I and it's busy season so we slowly putter away at these projects and hope they will be done by the end of the summer! 

5. Wednesday we had friends over for supper. After supper we were all chatting and she always (thankfully) does, Amanda reminded Ryan to get me something nice for upcoming mother's day. Ryan rolled his eyes but he knows (and I've sent him LOTS of reminders) that I have my heart set on porch swing or a swing for near Sam's new play area. I have always dreamed of having a porch swing and this one matches our rocking chairs! I also like the thought of an adult seating area so that when Sam is playing, I can sit back and sip on some wine water. 

I hope that you all have a great weekend! 


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