Monday, April 11, 2016

Dreary Beginnings Of April

Happy Monday everyone! When I think back to my weekend, it doesn't necessarily FEEL busy but as I try to remember the details I realize how much happened! I guess what it's a different kind of busy it feels enjoyable. I feel like lately I have been trying to squeeze in some extra fun on Saturday's because once May hits, weekend work starts for a few months! Then Ryan and I both start working weekends and balancing our schedules. 

Sam is in a HUGE Mommy phase! While I do love the extra cuddles, it does make it hard to get much done. I know this is just a phase and I need to soak it up. So that's what I did on Friday! Lots of cuddles while watching Wiggles waiting on supper to be ready. Sam is actually smiling on cue for the camera now and it is so fun to take his picture! 

When Sam headed for bed, I headed for Book Club where we were discussing Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. While the book wasn't my favorite, it was still a great book club discussion and visit! 

Saturday morning Sam and I spent 30 minutes playing with stickers! He loves them right now and is so focused! We all got ready for the day and the boys had a fun Daddy/Son day planned while I went out with some fellow Momma's! 

I had organized a Paint day with the Mom's from daycare. So often we see each other in passing but never get a chance to talk! As we are all in similar places in life, I figured it would be nice to get to know each other better! And I love the painting we did!

I got home around supper time and enjoyed a meal with my boys and then we headed out in the cold to get some fresh air! Ryan has gotten the RTV's out for us to use. 

Sunday morning I was up early getting some housework done and preparing for my Sunday School lesson! We were going to do a Noah's Ark craft and Ark Animal Bingo! The kids were so good and Sam sat at the "big kid" table doing the craft with them. He had lots of helpers too! 

Once Sam and I got home we had some leftovers for lunch and then headed out for some pre-nap hockey! Ryan got Sam his own stick and he is obsessed with playing "HAckey" and watching it on TV. 

Sam and Ryan both went down for a nap while I knitted and watch THE MASTERS! My favorite sporting event of the year! Sam even watched with his Tiger, Woodsey after he got up! It was an awesome year with the leader chocking on the back 9 and 3 hole-in-ones! 

2015 versus 2016 

Ryan eventually woke up (he's back on nights) and played blocks with Sam as I got supper ready. They are really into building towers right now and always call me in to see the latest creation before Sam knocks it down! 

It was such a great weekend spent with friends and family! It was so full but not at all stressful! I know that things will change as the weather warms up, but for now I am enjoying these low key weekends! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Awwww I miss the Mama phase! It's all Daddy all the time now. Get some snuggles for me!!!