Friday, April 15, 2016

Whirlwind Toronto Trip

Happy Friday everyone! This is only day 2 work day for me as I was away in Toronto Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

For Ryan's birthday this year I wanted to give him something special that I knew he would love! So, I gave my sports loving husband tickets to Toronto to see a Raptors basketball game and Toronto Blue Jays baseball game! We have been counting down the days to our trip ever since. 

We started our trip by dropping Sam off at Daycare. My parents graciously agreed to pick him up/drop him off and take care of him while we were gone. But it was hard to say good bye. This was going to be the longest that BOTH of us were going to be gone from Sam. 

But we were ready for a little getaway together. After a long winter of night shifts and an upcoming busy season at work, we really wanted to take a couple days to be together uninterrupted. 

After dropping Sam off, we proceeded to be stuck in REALLY bad traffic. Two accidents right in our path. We literally ran for our train. It was scary how close we were to missing it. 

But we did, and that allowed us to arrive in Toronto before check in time at the hotel. We dropped our bags off and decided to kill a couple hours at the new Ripley's Aquarium. It was awesome! A must see for anyone visiting Toronto!

We decided to head back to the hotel and check out the view. We were staying at the Renaissance which is connected to the Rogers Center. At the bar, we were seated right at the windows overlooking the stadium. 

That evening we headed to The Keg for a delicious supper. What would be a vacation without our favorite eating spot? 

Night one was the Raptors game. The last home game of the season! There was so much energy there and the Raptors crushed Philly. Even being away, Sam was on our minds and we bought Sam his very own jersey (he got a Blue Jays one too). 

The next morning we woke up at 7:30. I cannot remember the last time I woke up past 7 AM. It was glorious. We got ready, had a quick breakfast and headed to the Eaton Center for some shopping! 

We dropped our bags off at our room and then headed to the famous Real Sports restaurant and bar for lunch! It is very fun and distracting there with all the TV's! 

And the wings were AMAZING! Best I had ever had! Plus they were massive. 

We got back to change into our Blue Jays stuff and then headed to this adorable pub called the Town Crier. Over 50 different kinds of beer there available! We were meeting my cousin there! She is originally from out east and will be moving from Toronto back there next month! 

We hadn't seen each other in about 15 years and it was like no time has passed! It was an 1.5 hours of giggles and fun! For me, definitely a highlight of the trip.  

We headed to the stadium with about an hour before the game started. We explored and went right down to the field for a photo. We had pretty good seats, right behind first base about 7 rows up. When booking the tickets before Ryan's birthday I actually googled "best place to sit in a baseball game". Well they were amazing seats! We had a great view but the BEST part was....

Ryan caught a foul ball. It was like magic! He had brought our baseball gloves. Romine was up to bat for the Yankee's. There were tons of people around us with gloves of their own in anticipation of a ball coming their way. I knew it was coming towards us because everyone stood up. Well, almost everyone. I quivered in fear behind Ryan. I did not want to get hit by a ball! He was so silent. In shock I think. He quietly sat back down beside me with his glove closed.

 I just said "Did you catch it?"
His response, "YUP!" 

So I stood up and did the screaming in excitement for him! ha ha! It was a pretty awesome moment! 

He later said that it was if the ball had literally just floated right into his glove. 

The rest of the game was just as exciting as the Blue Jay's won 2-7! 

It was such an amazing trip and we were ready to head back home to Sam yesterday. But we had an GREAT time. It's crazy how much you appreciate the quiet moments together to talk and connect. It was the perfect little getaway. 



  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip away! It's always nice to have a short break from being parents :)

  2. Sounds like such an awesome weekend away!! Jealous of the ball game!! That's awesome he caught a ball!!!