Monday, April 18, 2016

April Weekend In Review - Finally Some Nice Weather!

Happy Monday everyone! Spring is in the air around here and it is BUSY! The days fly by but I am loving how quickly the days pass by! 

Friday afternoon I ended up picking Sam up early from daycare and I had to pick up a few things from the grocery store. This was the first time Sam was in a "car" cart and loved it! Rolled around the store making all the sound effects and steering. 

He also wore his new Raptors jersey that we picked up from Toronto.

On Friday night we were invited over to a friends place for a BBQ supper! Our first BBQ of the year! Sam had a great time playing with all the other kiddos! 

Saturday morning we were up at our normal time and headed out for breakfast at Tim's and grocery shopping! Sam was loving this helmet from Walmart but unfortunately they had no small! Plus he really doesn't need one yet! 

We got home, unloaded the groceries and pretty much spent the rest of the day outside! I opened all the windows in the house and hung laundry up to dry! I LOVE Spring and how fresh it makes everything feel.  

Ryan was gone for the whole afternoon but Sam and I had a blast together playing out side and exploring! He is so fun to be with right now! He wanted to explore every piece of our property! Asking what the names of things were! Momma tired him out and he had a great nap! 

He also insisted on taking Tucker for a walk which was both funny and odd because we don't normally walk Tucker so I have no idea where he got this idea from. 

After a quick pizza supper we went to get ICE CREAM from a new stand that opened in our little town! We are SO excited for future ice cream dates to come! We would usually have to travel a distance to an ice cream parlor but now we have fun 5 minutes away! We will be frequent visitors! 

Sunday morning we headed to church and then got home and had lunch with my parents. Uncle Jared was doing some work in the tractor and took Sam and his sons out for a little tour! 

Again, we spent so much time outside! It was so beautiful! We got some of our stuff out from storage including Sam's picnic table. 

I even cleaned off my rocking chair that sits on the front porch and enjoyed it for the first time this year! It's my little piece of heaven! I love to sit out there. Sip coffee, knit or just read! Love it! 

We decided to clean the BBQ and make our first outdoor meal! Steak, potatoes, corn and homemade garlic bread sticks. While Ryan was getting the BBQ ready, I was gathering ingredients and realized we didn't have any BBQ. A quick Pinterest search and I found a really easy recipe and I had all the ingredients. It was SO simple and tasty! I will never be buying BBQ sauce EVER again!  

How was your weekend? 



  1. That sauce looks yummy. I also have one, but I use the microwave, so its quick.

  2. We too spent the entire weekend outdoors. I can't get enough of this weather!

  3. I feel like everyone is 1000% happier when they can be outdoors! John is a totally different kid! Sam looks so cute in that helmet! John has the same one, they could be twins!