Friday, June 17, 2016

Sammy Summer Things

Happy Friday friends! Hooray to Friday! I am glad to see this weekend come! I am anticipating a very busy weekend but I also know that it is going to be SO fun! Once I get work over with tomorrow, it is going to be here! The weather has finally smartened up and now I think I can (cautiously) say summer is here and we are really hoping to make the most of it! 

Sam is in full force Toddler mode! I have to admit, closer to the 22-23 month he started displaying the typical "terrible two" symptoms. But that was short lived. While he still has that short temper, it is more manageable. I can kind of tell when it is going to be brought on. He has a few triggers. 

1. When he is trying to tell me something and I don't know what he means 
2. Leaving daycare. He just doesn't want the fun to end! 
3. Bath 

Other than that, he is A LOT of fun! Literally, a BLAST! And I think Ryan would agree with me when I say, it's just really fun to hang out with him. So this summer has already been gearing up to be the best one yet! 

We have some minor plans set this summer. We aren't going anywhere until later in the year and so for the most part we are going to enjoy doing things at and around home! Picnics, days by the pool, walks, s'mores! I really can't wait for this lower key time! 

Even though we have had to work some Saturdays and weekends have not yet been fun of lots of summer fun, Sam is LOVING this time of year. This kid is honestly obsessed with being outside. He wants to spend every waking moment out side. The moment he wakes up he asks me, "Mama, no waining (raining)?" I assure him it's not (or break the news, which is so much harder!). 

His activities of choice? 

Rides on the Kubota! 


And his newest favorite, THE SANDBOX. We did build Sam this beautiful new play structure last weekend. On Monday night Ryan filled the rest of the area with sand. And since then, the play structure has been nonexistent. There's digging, mountain making and truck driving to do all throughout the sand box. The boy has been on a mission every night and has been sleeping SO well with all the play. 

In fact, he has even been staying up past his bedtime almost every night this week (for those of you who know my scheduled self, this is unheard of!). 

The summer has just gotten started and already we are off to an amazing start! I was never a huge fan of summer but Sam makes me appreciate this wonderful time where we can get outside, explore and be together. 

Monday will mark the first "official" day of summer! What are your summer plans? 


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  1. Not many plans until a week at a rented cottage in August. I like low key too.