Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday School Picnic 2016

Happy Monday everyone! Where did the weekend go? We had a pretty jam packed weekend. For a bit on Thursday, as I was going through weekend plans and I started to get worried that we wouldn't be able to pull it off! 

A large amount of farm staff were off on Friday which made things a little crazy. And then a irrigation problem caused me to quickly become a bentgrass irrigation expert. Thankfully, Ryan was done early enough to go and get Sam because I wasn't sure how I would be able to leave. Which ended up being perfect because he was there to receive his awesome Father's day gift! 

Saturday morning the house was up early! I was up watering turf and Ryan and Sam were off for a delivery of sod. It is SO great to be able for Sam to go with Ryan! So much relief for me when I have to work too! 

We had a quick bite to eat, Sam went down for a sleep and then Ryan and I got working on finishing touches around the house to get ready for the Sunday School Picnic. Cleaning the garage, wiping down all the outdoor furniture! That evening we went for a delicious supper at Ryan's parents to celebrate a special girl who turned 14! 

Unfortunately, because of watering we had to head home early. I put Sam to bed and then that evening Ryan and I worked at getting Sam's new play area completed! The rocks were the last thing to get done and we are so pleased with how it turned out! We still have some finishing touches but overall, it is great and Sam has loved his new play area. 

Sunday morning I let the boys sleep in a little. I ran out to do some more watering, in my Pj's. True sign of a farm girl! 5 AM watering of fields in my Pj's and housecoat. 

The boys eventually got up. I made Ryan a special Father's day breakfast and Sam and I gave him his gift and homemade card. We didn't celebrate long and worked away at the finishing touches before our church family arrived. 

Thankfully, while Ryan and I were working away, Sam explored his new play area. He was so content on playing here for almost 2 hours! It made getting things set up for the picnic SO easy! 

By 10:30 everyone was there and the service had begun! We enjoyed the service in the shaded garage (except for Sam and Tanner, ha ha!) and the kids received their end of year books! 

I was a little worried this year because my parent's weren't going to be there. Usually my Dad cooks the hot dogs and Mom keeps an eye on Sam while I help set out other food items. I had did my best to do as much as possible but there was no need. Church family always seem to step in at the perfect moment! Taking Sam for play time, walks and even a swim! Helpers even stepped in to help Ryan get the hot dogs cooked. We are so blessed with such support. 

The rest of the party we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed some pool time! It was a GREAT picnic and we loved having everyone over! 

After Sam's nap he asked to go right back to the pool. Cousins from next door were over enjoying the pool and so Sam had some playmates! 

Ryan and I were pretty tired (and sun burnt) from a busy weekend and so we actually went to the chipstand for supper. I was just not into cooking! Sam was VERY happy to have french fries for supper! ha ha! But it was a great supper for a wonderful Daddy who deserved the best on Father's day! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. It was a fantastic church picnic. Thanks so much for hosting us. We are blessed by your cheerful, welcoming hospitality.

  2. Sorry we missed it - wish we would have gone since our plans for Father's Day ended with a flop. That was the puddle-jumper that Casey was hoping Rylie would pick out hahah!

  3. In a couple of pictures, Sam looks a lot like Tanner! Its when he has an adorable scrunchie smile.