Friday, June 10, 2016

Pool Bathroom

Happy Friday everyone! I am SOO glad to see this day arrive. Today I had a difficult time getting out of bed. Which seems to be the pattern. I'm OK getting up super early every day except Friday. But 3 cups of coffee in, and I'm starting to perk up. 

Like I have mentioned before, Ryan, Dad and I have been working around the clock getting a few projects done around the house. They are jobs that were actually meant for last Fall that got pushed aside. 

One particular job was the outdoor bathroom! A few years ago we did our big pool renovation. The next year we re-vamped the gardens and put mulch in the beds. Last year was suppose to be the year of re-doing the pool bathroom. We even had bought all the materials! But the way that it life happens, we pushed it off and eventually snow started falling and we had missed our window of opportunity. 

Come Spring, we were ready and couldn't wait to get started! 

I have to give credit to my parents, when they put the pool in they had gone ahead and made this structure. One half is in the pool area and is the bathroom/change room and the other half was my play house. It has been SO convenient to have this spot for ourselves and guests to use rather then trucking into the house. It's a great space and just needing finishing. 

What made the job a little easier was that the space was bare bones! Literally, down to the studs. So we didn't have to do any demolition work. 



We had opted to buy simple white panel board! I wanted a light and airy space and so we kept the walls white. 

This "hardwood" floor is laminate. We bought it from a clearance bin. We only needed two boxes to cover our space so we lucked out and found this. I feel like we literally stole it, it was that cheap!

Speaking of cheap, the boys were able to make ALL the trim (minus the quarter round) out of the panel board.  

The original plan was to have the ceiling be in the same white board. It was feeling a little claustrophobic and so my dad came up with the idea of using some of our old barn board. He really knows my style! I think it ended up being a big job but it turned out to be SO beautiful! 

There was one problem with this room and it is the back wall. That is where all the pool electrical stuff is. We need a lot of access to this to turn the system on and off. So to hide all of that, I bought a navy blue curtain and rod from Walmart. 

We needed a shelf to hold the stereo equipment and so I used the old brackets from the old shelf, painted them white and then Dad made me a shelf out of some old white washed barn board. 

My favorite feature is this paddle. I never did find an old one and I think my Mom was thinking I was crazy for searching garage sales for one for cheap! ha ha! She ended up going to Canadian Tire and buying me this beautiful wood paddle. At first I thought I wanted hooks but thought it would look weird. So instead she and I picked out these cool glass knobs and I love it! Great place to hold towels and clothes. 

I can't believe this space is done! It has been in our plans for quite some time and to finally have it done feels wonderful. We tried our best to spend as little money as possible reusing or re-purposing stuff as much as we could. I love this space and it is going to be so well used as we enjoy our little outdoor oasis. 

Happy Friday! 



  1. Wow! This looks awesome! You guys are so great at getting projects done! We just have a list that we look at forever. And do nothing. Haha

  2. You are very blessed with your handy men. Your bathroom will get lots of use this Sunday!

  3. This is awesome! Want to come make one at my house now :)