Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! Wow! What a weekend! It really went way too fast. At one point yesterday, I looked over at Ryan and said, "really, it's already Sunday afternoon? This sucks!" But really, it was a great weekend with lots of happening and that is why it passed so quickly! 

The weekend started out perfectly with our first BBQ lunch on Friday at the office! We has some BBQ hot dogs with all the fixings! Great kickoff to the weekend! 

Friday night I made the boys supper and then got ready for book club! I was finally having a Mommy night out. Every night for the last three weeks I have been solo with Sam and I was ready and eager to let Ryan take over for the night. While I waited for Book Club start time, I enjoyed sitting back and watching them play in the pool. Sam loves going in the pool and playing on the steps but screams if we try to take him out in the "open water". 

Book club was great and I really enjoyed the evening out. Except, getting up at 4 AM every day was making me start to nod off at 9:30 PM so I headed home. 

Saturday morning Ryan and I both had to work. Normally, this would be problem except Sam is now old/big enough for his car seat to be turned around and can now go in the big truck with Daddy. He was SO excited and skipped across the road. I packed them breakfasts and snacks and off they went on their sod deliveries!  

From all the excitement Sam was exhausted when he got back and went down for a BIG nap! Ryan had to go after lunch to work on some other sod jobs and I worked around the gardens getting them all cleaned up, edged and mulch started! It was a hot and sunny day and REALLY enjoyed my cold Palm Bay with our BBQ pizza supper that night! 

Ryan and I headed in early to watch a movie and I fell asleep 15 minutes in ! ha ha! 

Sunday morning it was dark and dreary and rainy! We hung out around home and attempted to get ready in and our of power outages. We headed to church and Sunday school where Sam got to play with all his church buddies. He gets no love at all I tell ya....poor neglected Sam...ha ha! 

It was a miserable day so after a yummy brunch with my Mom, we all headed home for a quiet afternoon INSIDE. Something we haven't done in months! Ryan headed to the basement to sleep and I set up in the sunroom with Game of Thrones. I love relaxing in the sunroom because I could hear the rain coming down. 

I was feeling lazy and I told Ryan I wasn't cooking. So in lieu of him cooking, we went out to eat at one of my favorite places, Montana's! Yum! We went through about a 8 month time period where we couldn't go out to eat. Sam would be awful. But now, we have rounded the corner and he seems to be OK now at restaurants. Way more patient and will actually eat. We really enjoyed our meal together and it was nice to get out! 

It really was a great weekend but working Saturday morning made it feel too short! Looking forward to a full weekend soon! 

How was your weekend?


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