Monday, June 13, 2016

June Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend went by with lots of fun and relaxing times! We had a very FULL weekend but in a good way. As we got ready for bed last night, we couldn't help but feel so accomplished! We got so much done and had so much fun in between all the work. 

Friday night I joined some of the gang here from the Farm for an evening at a local golf course for supper and jamming. We have so many talented musicians who work here and I love hearing them all play together. 

Saturday morning it was a cold and rainy day! But we packed up and headed to the grocery store. I didn't go to my usual store as I wanted to go to one that has a "car cart". Sam drove all around the store and for once, didn't throw things off the shelf. 

When we got home the boys had been at work on Sam's new play structure! I began getting a little worried as they had been working for hours and there didn't appear to be any progress. Sam and I played out of the rain in the garage, made the boys lunch and then he went down for a sleep. 


Clarky was there helping too! And I have to admit this kid is WAY better with tools then me! 

I puttered at cleaning away in the garage and pool area and then Sam's little buddy/cousin Tanner came to hang out with us for the afternoon while his Mommy, Daddy and sister went out for a birthday supper. 

We started out by a Kubota drive and adventure by the pond with Clark. 

Clark and Tanner helped me wake Sam up and we all had a snack, played out side a little bit and then when it really started raining hard, came inside to take out every truck we have and play. 


They took a little play break to help me make supper. 

And I gave Tanner only the healthiest of treats....:) 

Sam had SO much fun with Tanner and they played so well together for HOURS! Looking forward to watching these boys grow up together! 

Tanner helped me read and sing Sam to sleep and then Tanner and I continued playing until his Mommy and Daddy came to get him! Thanks for the fun afternoon Tanner! 

Sunday we woke to another COLD and DREARY June day! Where did you go Summer? Ryan headed out for a bike ride and Sam and I headed to church. We all had lunch at my parents and Sam went down for a nap. While he was sleeping the boys got to work on finished the play structure and I worked on the flower beds. 

As he slept my phone started going off, turns out Sam's duck had won third place at the local fundraiser! SUCH exciting news! $250 for my boy. When asked what he was going to do with it, I have to admit my first thought was put all of it into his RESP but then my Mom convinced me to get him a new sandbox toy with a little bit of it. Which I will do AND put it in his college fund! ha ha! 

When Sam got up there were just putting the final touches on. He ran straight to the new play structure yelling, "Sam's house"!!! 

He went down the slide, tried out the door and climbed away! He did NOT want to come inside for supper or bed that night and ran there this morning before heading to daycare! It is going to be great to have this summer and years to come! I can't thank my husband, dad and brother enough for all the HOURS (and frustration) that they put into building this for Sam.  

Next step, sand filled around the new play structure and rock quarry and the new outdoor play area will be done! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. So glad you and Tanner had such a great time with Sam. The play structure looks amazing!

  2. That's such a nice structure for Sam... was it expensive?