Monday, October 24, 2016

A Quiet Weekend That Turned Busy!

Happy Monday! The weekend flew by! Looking at my October schedule back in early Fall, there was nothing happening this passed weekend except for the Harvest supper. But things for planned and it ended up being a very busy weekend but so fun! 

Friday night I joined friends Jill and Brenda to experience some Japanese! Ten Sushi located in Ottawa gives you a tablet at the table and you order what you want. It's basically a sit down buffet! 

It is little servings but you can order as many as you want. You end up with a lot of dishes at your table! 

My favorite part was having some Sushi! I haven't had Sushi in years and was so glad to have a taste! 

I ended up sleeping in by accident on Saturday. Went downstairs to get a coffee while we cuddled in bed and discovered Mickey had taken my place in bed! 

We loaded up and headed to the city. Ryan needed to go to Home Depot to get a door for my greenhouse and I REALLY didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home alone and work on Halloween Costumes and treat bags and re-organize some of my kitchen drawers. Well he insisted, so I went. Which I think ended up being good for him because while he was checking out Sam had to use the washroom and I got to be the runner....yay! 

"Rubble On Double" hat gets worn everywhere but especially appropriate for Home Depot.   

We all rested (and napped) during that rainy afternoon and then I got up and went to the local Legion to my grandpa's Irish Wake. Sam and Ryan joined me after Sam's nap and it was great to sit with family. Sam loved playing with the Duplo with cousins. 

It was an early night for us and after Sam went down Ryan and I watched "Froning" on Netlfix. A really cool documentary! 

I set my alarm correctly Sunday morning and woke up to relax, peel potatoes for the harvest supper later that day and get breakfast prepared for guests! 

We had friends Rebekka and Josh over for a big spread of breakfast! It was a great visit over a few cups of coffee and brunch. 

Sam went down for a sleep, Ryan went out to help with sod and I got cooking my 20 lbs of potatoes. Over the years I have learnt that if I use all 4 pots that I own and all 4 burners, I can cook my 20 lbs at the same time. You mash them and put them in Ziplock bags in a cooler and they stay hot for hours! 

Our church hosts a fundraiser supper annually called the "Harvest Supper". It's a delicious turkey meal with all the trimmings including meatballs, coleslaw and homemade pie for dessert! Every year it is a great success. 

Sam was very insistent on sitting beside grandpa for his supper which was meatballs, bread and the whip cream off of my pumpkin pie. 

Ryan and I love to help by either clearing plates, serving tea/coffee or serving the food but it is getting harder to help the whole time with Sam. I helped at the start and then we switched and Ryan helped in the last half while Sam played and then went home to bed! The highlight of the night for me was the park with some other kids from church! They are all so good and kind to Sam making sure he is O.k and having fun. Making little games to make him giggle. The favorite was a human tunnel as he went down the slide. 

The men serving the food in the evening. Ryan's favorite job! 

It was a jam packed weekend and unfortunately not a lot got done around the house. But I got our Halloween costumes half sewn and so we are almost ready for a week from today! What are you being this year? 

And just because I think he looked so cute, I took this warm knitted sweater out for Sam this morning. It was made by Ryan's mom and Sam loved wearing it knowing that his Dada use to wear it too! It is pretty tight but hoping he'll get the rest of the Fall out of it! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Sam looks so cute, and way too grown up with his hands in his pockets, and Ryan's sweater on. That reminded me that I saved sweaters my Mom knit for the twins. I bet some would fit Primrose. she is very petite. Ryan and Chris look like like they came from the pumpkin patch. I loved their orange shirts. Best of all was my piece of pecan pie!