Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! Everyone was back to reality after the last long weekend until next Spring. Boo! But it was a great one up North celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada! 

It started off pretty special with birthday celebrations for me on Friday at work! A yummy lunch and birthday cake! 

If I could describe this weekend in one word, it would be messy. Sam has been showing lots of signs about being ready to potty train and we pushed it off until the stars aligned and it was time. Especially with a long weekend, we knew it was a great chance to start. 

I picked up a pack of special Paw Patrol underwear as a "special gift" for potty training day 1 on Saturday! He loved them and I kept telling him not to get Paw Patrol wet. 

It was a rainy morning and combined with staying close to my boy, I ended up going into a baking spree! Pies, muffins and bread galore! 

Potty training was going good that morning! A few accidents but it was more because he would tell me too late and would go pee on our way to the potty! It was a messy morning but I felt encouraged by his progress. He really seemed to be getting it. 

I ordered our Thanksgiving meal for my family and commissioned my Dad on picking it up! We started this pizza Thanksgiving tradition last year. The kids are so excited to play together and visit that we didn't want to go through the effort of making a meal we couldn't really enjoy. It will be our tradition for a little while until kids get older and are more opt to sit and eat (Even if they don't like it) ha ha! 

As per tradition, I blew out candles on pumpkin treats. But had lots of little helpers! 

The kids were actually in a cooperative mood so I took the opportunity to sit them down for a few pictures with my good camera! 

We all crashed pretty hard after playing the afternoon away. So Nana and Grandpa had snuggles before everyone was off to bed! 

Sunday was a busy day! Church, where I taught Sunday school and continuing with the potty training which wasn't going so well on this day. We had read about telling or putting the child on the potty every 20 minutes or so. Well, this was making Sam extremely mad but we kept trying. There weren't many accidents but lots of fights. 

We tried to stay positive but not going to lie, it was a challenging parenting day. I was super glad to be getting out of the house and enjoying a meal I didn't have to prepare! Ha ha! We had thanksgiving with Ryan's family and enjoyed the visit! 

Monday morning I was up really early! I decided with my extra time to go ahead and make some cinnamon buns with Cinnabon replica icing! Yum! What a treat! 

Monday was a new potty training day and I had decided in the early morning to just leave Sam alone. If he had accidents then ok, at least he'd know why he was wet. And it went SO much better! He just wanted to be left alone and go potty when HE wanted to go. Not when we were telling him to. With this new approach we had only 1 accident all day! We realized just how ready he was to be potty trained. And how long he can hold it in! 

We were all up and dressed in our best clothes Monday morning and off to do some family pictures for a fundraiser for a local school. Sam wanted nothing to do with the pictures so how the photographer managed to get this picture is amazing! 

A sure potty training sign...Toilet paper is irresistible to toddlers! 

Before nap my parents came over for a quick visit and to plant 50 garlic bulbs! A bunch of cousins from Nova Scotia are into planting garlic and gave us some for our own garden. It was awesome to plant and we can't wait to have our own garlic next summer! 

Sam also played a lot of hockey Monday. His new favorite thing! He's getting to be a pretty good shot too! 

After nap we headed out on the RTV for a family drive through the bush and around the farm to enjoy some of the Fall colors. It is so pretty right now! It is my favorite time of year! 

After supper, bath and bed (for Sam), Ryan and I needed to tackle a very daunting task....laundry! Over the weekend we really let it pile up and potty training made a lot of laundry! Thankfully Ryan and I could do this task together. 

It was a not the most relaxing long weekend we have ever had. Ryan worked a lot this weekend and Sam was potty training. But being Thanksgiving we still got in a lot of time with our extended family! 

 I was happy and proud to hear his first day back at daycare and he had no pee accidents! Ryan and I talked last night about how we can't believe our little boy is wearing underwear now! How did that happen? 

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. he's wearing underwear but still in a crib bahaha! Good job Sam...once they get it, they get it. Hopefully its a good week.
    We had laundry overhaul too - I neglected to do a few washed here and there during the week due to being busy so I was swamped on Monday.

  2. Ya every 20 minutes was too much on Rylie and she'd get mad. Every hour is what we did and it worked. She just wears a pull-up at nap time and bedtime now! Not even in the car when we go for drives. He'll get it in no time.

  3. Way to go Sam! This is one part of parenting that I am not looking forward to, but I think we'll wait until Amelia shows signs of being ready and not forcing it on her

  4. The pies were awesome thanks for bringing the pies ..