Friday, October 7, 2016

Fabulous Fall So Far

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the lack of post on Wednesday. We were at a golf tournament. Set up on a hole to shake hands and visit with clients all day. It was SUCH a beautiful day on Wednesday. Sunny and warm. We were set with a microbrewery giving away a beer, there was a poutine bar and then we planned a giant "beer" pong game but instead of beer there were prizes! It was a lot of work to set up but I've had people comment that it was the best hole of the day! Makes it worth it! 

It was amazing that it was such a gorgeous day. Last year at our hole, we gave away toques because it was so cold. Sometimes it's been so nice that I actually forget it is actually Fall! 

Back before I knew the date of this tournament, I went off a hint from cousin/friend Stacy about Wiggles coming to Ottawa. Sam loves The Wiggles and we knew we wanted to get tickets. I literally had them booked for a week when I found out about this work obligation. Thankfully, it was right near the golf course and I was able to leave for the hour long show! And I'm so glad I could because watching Sam enjoy The Wiggles will always be a special memory. Anyone that knows Sam, knows that he doesn't get too excited about much. Wiggles included. But he was so mesmerized. I knew he was paying attention because he would usually clap when the song ended. Since then he has been again for "again". 

Oh and Mickey really enjoyed the show too! 

It has been shaping up to be a wonderful Fall so far. It is flying by and I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. I am so excited for the weekend ahead! Full 3 days of time with my boys and family. It is also going to be interesting as we are going to make an attempt at the potty training thing. Sam has been showing ALOT of interest lately. Be goes on the potty multiple times a day. We'll see how it goes. 

I have finally gone through and sorted out Sam's clothes and exchanged his summer stuff for Fall things. Which is great but then it was above 20 degrees all week! ha ha! But I love his little Fall wardrobe. I actually only had to buy him his "work boots" and that's it! Everything else is hand-me-downs (looking at you Stacy and Holly!). We are running into a pant problem. The 2T are WAY too short for Sam's long legs but the 3T are too big in the waist. Ryan keeps joking we need to get Sam a belt. Do they make belts for 2.5 year olds?? 

I kind of set a goal to be done with Christmas shopping by early November. As ideas and sales have arrived, I've picked up things. We are keeping Christmas for Sam small as he already has so much and needs for so. We did decide to get him a pair of skates for Christmas from a used sporting store. These "new to us" Easton skates are normally retailed at above $100 and we got them for $19.00. Sam talks about hockey and skating all the time so I think he'll be excited to try them! 

And that's what's been going on so far in our lives lately! 

Wishing my Canadian friends a very wonderful Thanksgiving! 



  1. YES - they do make belts...but they also make these: Dapper Snappers

    Glad that Sam gets to enjoy Tanner's clothes!

  2. Very cool, Stacy. Belts are not great if you are toilet training.

  3. Most of John's pants have adjustable waists. We have the same problem. But they have these straps and buttons inside that you just tighten as needed.