Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Birthday 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

It has been a full week since my birthday! As most know, my birthday usually lands around Thanksgiving time. But this year Thanksgiving was early! My boys, family and friends did an amazing job at making me feel really special! 

This birthday I turned 29! My last birthday as I like to joke. But really I don't have any sad feelings with it being my last year of my 20's. Some actually question me and asked if I was lying because most think that I am older than that. But yes, I am only 29, I just have an old soul.

I have been raking my brain as to whether or not I would do a "to-do" list of things before I turn 30. I am just struggling with it because I have already done so much in my short 29 years. Sure, there are a couple of things but 30 things is hard to come up with! What would be on your list? What do you think should be on mine? 

As I mention, a lot of people made me feel special on my birthday but specifically my boys did. I'm not going to lie, Ryan hasn't been the best in the birthday department in years gone by. There has been 2 years in our short time together that he's forgotten my birthday (and I never forget to remind him of this fact ha ha!). He has also forgotten to buy me a present/card/token in years passed because he didn't make time. I actually think these were actually forgotten years as well but he hid it well. 

This year though, he was on his game! I'm not sure if someone was in on reminding him that the day was coming but he didn't forget this year. He even made me some tinfoil numbers! Something that usually gets forgotten or my mom does for him! ha ha! I was impressed last Wednesday morning when I saw them hanging there! 

I had gone to work like normal and then the girls in the office surprised me with a spread of my favorite snacks! Spinach dip, tortilla roll ups, cheese dip, chips and even some desserts! It was heavenly and that ended up being my lunch for the day! And for supper Ryan lucked out because I only wanted chipstand! 

My MIL got me a gift card to The Keg (yum!) and Ryan also got one for me and a gift card to the movies! So it looks like a date is in order for us soon! Woo hoo! 

"Sam" got me a gift card to iTunes! I gift I request all the time because I love to use it now not only for music but also for the apple TV to order special movies or shows! 

My parents surprised me with the pewter nativity scene I've had my eyes on for over a year! When Sam, Ryan and I went to Nova Scotia last year we visited Peggy's Cove. There was a small Pewter shop there and I saw this beautiful nativity scene. I added it to my Christmas wish list. It was a little confusing as there are many stores at Peggy's Cove! The wrong (and still beautiful) was purchased at another store but wasn't Pewter. I was surprised to open it on my birthday this year but really glad because now I can display it all Christmas season long this year! 

The next day after my birthday Jill and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Montana's where I got to enjoy all my favorite treats, including 2 pickled Caesars! YUM! 

Part of Sam's gift and Ryan's is a greenhouse that they have been working on over the last few nights! It's going to be awesome and I can't wait to get my plants started a little earlier and keep some items like herbs much longer! 


He also gifted me with a surprise weekend away to the states to finish our Christmas shopping! He even went and booked the hotel! This is so out of the realm for my husband! He is not a planner at all! I later found out that friends Amanda and Josh had some help as they will be joining us for the fun! Which Amanda and Josh told me when they came over with a surprise visit including wine, supper and dessert! 

Turning 29 has been pretty great! It really isn't a scary thing for me because I think I feel so settled in where I am in life. Life for the most part is pretty great and I am reminded of that many times throughout the year but especially on my birthday! I think that turning 29 is just another age and I am excited to see how this year and into my 30's looks like. 

Happy Wednesday! 



  1. OMG I love the greenhouse! Sounds like an amazing birthday :) And I agree, when you feel happy with where you are in life, aging doesn't seem so scary!

  2. You were pretty much like me this year, celebrating for a week! ;)

  3. The pewter nativity scene is beautiful!! I love the greenhouse idea too! I'm dreading 31 this year and I KNOW Casey hasn't planned a damn I guess I won't be doing anything :( Glad your day was great :) xo

  4. I love your nativity set....Seagull Pewter?