Monday, October 31, 2016

If I Don't Have A Phone All Weekend, Did The Weekend Even Happen?

So on Friday, my phone stopped working. In order to try and get it to work, I took it out of the lifeproof case and dropped it and smashed the screen. 

So...that sucked. 

I immediately went to make an appointment at the Apple store and the only thing that was available was Sunday afternoon. So started the weekend of non-documentation. 

We actually got home and changed right away as we were having a re-do of some family pictures. We had originally gotten some taken but the lighting and out boy didn't co-operate and we were not able to get even one picture! But thankfully, the sweetheart of a photographer offered to stop by our place and try again! Sam was way more comfortable at his own place and she was able to get some great shots! 

Ryan left immediately to go for a boys night at the hunt camp so Sam and I ate our supper while watching Paw Patrol and then he headed to bed. I practiced piano and then finished our Halloween costumes. Then early bed and catch up on PVR! 

Saturday Sam was in an amazing mood and it might have been because he slept in until 7:30. We ate breakfast (french toast, his request) and then headed to pick up groceries and pizza! Got home, had a quick lunch and then Sam went down for his nap. And then Jilly arrived for our annual Scary Movie marathon! I was so excited but scared of all the spooky movie's to come! 

The first one up was Conjuring. Ryan's choice. And this one was SCARY but I loved the story line and how it was based on a true story. 

Sam woke up and during his snack we watched Mickey's Halloween Treat! 

We had supper and a visit and then Sam went down to bed and we finished off our marathon with Donnie Darko and Signs! 

It was a super fun day and really got me more into the Halloween spirit! It is one of my favorite days of the year! 

Sunday morning we relaxed at home and then the boys headed out to Home Depot to get the last of the supplies for the green house and I headed to a meeting. After the meeting I headed to the Apple store to finally get my phone fixed! It was a super busy spot and I had to wait about 30 minutes passed my appointment. But thankfully, one look at my phone and the rep said "Good news, you're getting a free new phone". Woo hoo! It had something to do with batter swelling and so I got a new phone for free! He set up my phone and I was so glad to be back in the world of tech. 

I grabbed a coffee and then headed home! Oh and my first picture on my new phone was new lipstick I picked up from Sephora called Deep Plum. Seemed fitting for the Fall/Winter. Darker then I'm use to but I love it! 

I got home just as Sam was getting up from his nap. We actually all got dressed into our costumes to 1. Make sure they fix properly and 2. get a picture! I decided it was a perfect opportunity to grab a quick family photo and less rushed then doing it today! 

That evening I finished getting treat bags ready for Daycare friends and a special bottle of wine for our wonderful daycare provider! 

Happy Halloween! 


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