Friday, October 28, 2016

Five On Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I couldn't believe my eyes when big fluffy snowflakes started falling from the sky. Snow. That time of year is here...wait, it's still only October? The weatherman was calling for enough accumulation that Ryan went in for his first night shift. Thankfully, I woke up and looked out the window to rain! Woo hoo! I guess they still experienced snow in some places but not in my little neck of the woods! 

I had a great blog all ready and just needed to attach pictures on Wednesday and then I got a message that I had to go pick up Sam. The daycare was having a personal family matter to deal with so I ran back and got my boy. It was a cold day and any work I had to do, I could do from home. So, I got to relish is spending the day with Sam. A non sick day! It was awesome! We marked trees for making Maple Syrup next spring, played outside, watched Paw Patrol! It's days like this that I really appreciate and get to know a little more about Sam. He is quite the character and is now using full sentences! 

Anyways, onto the 5 things on this gloomy Friday morning!

1. Halloween prep is under way. And here's a little Lindsay fact, I LOVE Halloween! L-O-V-E it! Part of that love is dressing up and costume planning. I would start planing my costume early and Mom would get to sewing that years creation and pray that I wouldn't change my mind! 

We've had a lot of fun dressing up since Sammy was born. First year he was a lobster and we were the fishermen. Last year he was was Staypuft and we were the ghoustbusters! This may be one of the one of the last years that we are able to convince him to dress up as what we want, and I'm going to take full advantage. 

We thought of something to be over the summer and ran with it. It's required me to get my sewing machine out to make it. I've really enjoyed sewing again and think I may take it up again and working on some projects this winter. 

2. Ryan always jokes that it's not really Halloween until Lindsay goes and spends 200$ on candy. It's true. We go over board but I love making up treat bags for the 10 or so kids that visit our house dressed up. I even try to make them extra special since we can't hand them out ourselves. I made them up Wednesday night and Ryan was sad I didn't leave out any candy for him. 

3. My brother and I work very closely together day in and day out. A lot of people assume that it would mean many horrible times for us. Fights and disagreements. But it's not our nature. We are kind of odd balls but we also have the same sense of humor and stupid stuff that no body else understands, we laugh our asses off at. Case in point, the minion Tic Tac's he surprised me with this week. We have a thing about the Minions. 

We've been working in the same office for probably almost 10 years and yet we've never had a fight. We have our disagreements but it never escalates. We both hate controversy so if we disagree on something we go home to our families and re-evaluate the next day.  And I am very thankful for this because it makes it easier to operate a business together. 

Every morning Sam and I stop at the office to say "Good morning" to Uncle J. They have a really fun relationship and it's not a work day morning if we don't see J before going to daycare! 

Sometimes we see Daddy too before he drives out with sod. 

4. Can't believe that I have a 2.5+ year old! My tall and lanky boy won't blow over in a wind storm from his giant feet! He is obsessed with Paw Patrol, is completely day potty trained, still loves being outside. Speaking of potty trained, new clothing problem. He is so tall and skinny but at least sometimes his diaper would keep his pants up because he had a little "junk in the trunk". Now with just underwear the slide right down his little bum! 

He is pretty co-operative with pictures right now for me and his favorite pose? Hands in the pocket! He is such a little man now! 

5. God knows I love my husband but one of his habits is driving BANANA'S! He has this thing where he goes and opens a cupboard either in the kitchen or bathroom and then doesn't close it! How does one not take the 2 seconds to close the cupboard door? So over and over I go around and close them behind him. He can't be in THAT much of a rush to not close doors? Right? 


Looking for honest opinions. Saw this little short bob on Pinterest yesterday and thought it was so cute! Wondering if I should chop my hair off to this length. So sick of my hair right now and feel like I need a change! What do you think? 

Have a great weekend! 



  1. Hair is nice - depending how it turns out, bobs are pretty easy to maintain.

  2. I think the bob would be adorable on you. I am sooooo with you on the leaving cupboard doors open!!! Reg does it all the time, and it makes me bonkers!!!

  3. Leaving the cupboards open or partially open drives me insane!!! Why is it so hard to close them?! Have a great weekend :)

  4. I'm loving all Sam's poses with his hands in his pockets these days. Turning into such a big boy!
    I really like the bob, I'm sure it will look great on you!
    And I will not bring up the cupboard door issue in Ryan's presence again... promise!!! ;)