Monday, October 17, 2016

Car Rally 2016 Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! 

I actually got a long weekend because Sam's daycare was closed on Friday. It has been SO long since I got a day off at home with him and FOREVER when he wasn't sick. Usually I am the one that stays home if Sam has to but usually he is miserable and sick. Such a treat this time! 

We started our Friday morning with relaxation. Cartoons and breakfast. I have to laugh at my boy looking like an "old man" sitting in his lazy boy in his underwear. 

We had to the head to the city to pick up some groceries and since it is an hour each way, so begins the joys of packing a potty everywhere we go! At least we were right along the Ottawa River and had a beautiful potty spot when he did have to go! 

Sam and I just relaxed for the rest of the day and played! Really put things on hold and get down on the floor to play together. I really don't do it enough. 

Saturday morning Ryan left to go get supplies for a birthday gift for me. A new greenhouse he has started build. I can't wait to use it to to start some of my plants early! 

Sam and I did laundry, got a cooler packed with food and drinks and then my parents came to get Sam so Ryan and I could meet friends and do car rally, one of my most favorite days of the year! We have gone with Amanda and Josh for 3 years now and we really have a routine down and know personalities. We always want top 10 and were very happy with our 6th place! It's always a good day driving around the back roads visiting and searching for clues. 

When Ryan and I got home we actually started into Stranger Things and were hooked. Finished the whole thing by last night! It was freaky yet captivating. SO looking forward to season 2. 

Sunday was a miserable rainy day. Ryan had to work and Sam wasn't home from my parents yet. It was kind of amazing having 2-3 hours of alone time in the house! It felt weird but was also so nice! Get things done all over the house! 

Sam and I headed to cousin Sophie's 3rd birthday! It was a great party but unfortunately my boy wasn't feeling it. And eventually I just threw in the towel, packed up our things and left. Sometimes it's just not worth dealing with all the tantrums and all the other people too. 

There were a lot of other moms there with toddlers and as I went to leave another Mom threw up her hand and said "May the force be with you". Ha! Totally made my day and made a shitty situation even better! Totally reminded me of this Meme! 

Sam napped for a few hours and was back to his normal self! Oh the necessity of sleep time! 

I decided to roast a big chicken with all the fixings so Ryan could have meat for his lunch and I could make stock for next week! I also was able to make 4 loaves of bread for the freezer to replenish my stock! Between farm fresh chickens, garden preserves and made ahead items, our freezer is full! Something about a full freezer and colder temperatures that make me feel so cozy! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. We had to bring the potty with us everywhere when we potty-trained Piper...she was scared of public washrooms because of the noise! The picture of Sam totally reminded me of that!!

  2. Love the picture of Sam chillin in his paw patrol undies!

  3. We throw a pull-up on her for the car rides right now since it's an hour drive up home, plus traffic without options to pull over sometimes. She usually holds it until we reach our destination.
    How are they NOT babies anymore?! :(