Friday, October 1, 2010

Basement Reveal

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Friday! As I mentioned in my Wednesday post this week has been busy!! My brain is literally FRIED! Although I have felt in high spirits for most of the week, my brain feels like mush! I keep picturing my brains looking like the goop that you find inside a pumpkin, at least I'm festive! ha ha!

I am SOOOOO pleased to announce that the great basement renovation of 2009 AND 2010 is finally done!

In April of 2009 Ryan and I took a trip to Montreal. We had a great time but when we got home we came to discover that the basement that I had (1 month prior) moved into, had flooded with 4 inches of water. It was very depressing but luckily we had flood insurance.


We got a construction crew to come in and we had to rip everything out! The ceilings had 2 inches of mouse/rat feces, the dry wall was molded and the stairs were rotten. Basically, it was a mess.

The good news is the crew worked fast and we thought we were going to have the basement finish before the end of the summer 2009.

We spoke way too soon because in July of 2009 a young lad who was mowing the lawn at my house moved the sub-pump hose into the window well and forgot to take it out. That same day we got a DUMPING of water and all of the water going out of the sub-pump was getting pumped right back into the window and into my basement. Before we noticed it was too late. It had flooded again. I know it wasn't the end of the world but at that sight I actually sat down on a step and cried.

After my little "woe is me" fest we got back to work! Ripped out the new drywall and started all over again! Fixed the foundation this summer, new ceramic tile (water proof), new stairs, bar, electrical work, ceiling, baseboards, walls, and new windows! Phew! That was a long list.

The basement was done and it was finally time to paint and get new furniture!! Woo hoo! We spend a WHOLE weekend painting the basement and then picked out new couches from Lazy Boy.

Too many paint fumes....

We couldn't wait for the couches to arrive in a few weeks! But we got our hopes up too soon because after calling around for a week it was discovered that the couches were going to take 3 whole months! BAH!

Here we had a brand new basement, ready to use but couldn't because we had nothing to sit on! It was so frustrating! But I do have to say when the couches finally arrived it was TOTALLY worth the wait!!

So, here it is....the new basement, may it be FOREVER dry!!!

Ryan and I got Tucker his own "couch" too so that he had somewhere to sit in the basement that wasn't on the new couches! ha ha!

Finally we have our T.V room where we go and relax every night! It has also been a wonderful napping spot!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Woah, woah, woah!! That is ONE AMAZINGLY decorated space, Lindsay!! NICE job!! :-D I love the color scheme and the bookcase along the steps is AWESOME!! Way to go, your hardwork definely paid off!! :-D

  2. LOVE it!!! It sucks that you had to go through all of that, but the outcome is superb!