Friday, October 8, 2010

Craft Night and Happy Friday!

Oh sweet, sweet Friday! Why is it so sweet? Because it is a Friday before a long weekend! That's why! There is something extra special about a long weekend...especially Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to some yummy food and great times with family! AND a pumpkin spice latte!! I tell you I need therapy, I'm obsessed!

Last year I was going to a craft night that was being held in my hometown once every month. That was super fun but I sometimes it would start to late (suppose to start at 7 never started till 8) and wished I could make something that I wanted since I have a million craft ideas rolling around in my brain. Well this year instead of renewing for the women's craft night I decided to start my own with some friends.

I invited a group of close friends that had also been going to craft night and they liked the idea too. They also agreed that they wanted to host their own craft for a certain month so that I actually don't have to do it every time. For example, this month I chose what the craft was and next will be Stacy.

For my craft night last night I wanted to make something for Halloween. It is just around the corner and I had this craft idea since last year.

Here are the supplies you need to make your own mason jar Halloween lantern:

- Glass jars (I used baby food, apple sauce and mason jars)
- Modge Podge
- Colored tissue paper
- Scissors
- Paint brush
- Black scrap booking paper
- Ribbon or Raffia

If you are hosting a craft night another item to add to your supplies list is yummy snacks....essential!! ha ha

First you clean your jars really well. You don't want some left over apple sauce molding in the bottom of the jars later on...ew....

Once the jars are clean and dry, take a jar, tissue paper (cut into 1-2 inch strips), modge podge and paint brush. Apply a thin coat of modge podge to the outside of your jar. Place a piece of tissue paper directly over top. You will have to put a little extra modge podge on the corners and sides of the tissue paper.

Ladies working hard!
Once the jar is completely covered grab your black paper and cut out the desired face.

Apply to jar using your modge podge.

Place a ribbon or raffia around the top of the jar, place tea light inside. Once completely dry light your lantern and enjoy your new spooky Halloween decoration!

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. Those are so cute! Love them!

  2. Really enjoyed the night - good friends, good craft, good conversation and of course good snacks!
    Can't wait for next month when we do my craft!

  3. They are super-cool! Wish I could have made it, but ball's over now so I should be good for next month. lol And thanks for making me one! I love it!!

  4. Oh what a fun idea- I am probably the least crafty person in the world but would love to try these! And.....I cannot wait for Thanksgiving- all that yummy food is calling my name!

  5. Lindsay, those are cool. I might just have to get the grandkids busy making those on the weekend. I bet they would be great hanging from a small tree.

  6. Super cute ;lindsay!!! Might have to try these!! Wish I lived closer. I would totally be there. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

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  8. Thanks everyone!! They are super easy to do! I might make more before Halloween!! The best part was getting together with friends, catching up while doing a craft! Perfect thursday night! xo

  9. CUTE!!! :-D Happy Thanksgiving to you ;-)

  10. Oh I love it!!! I want 1 or 5 :). Happy Friday!!!

  11. Love it! You are so crafty. i hope you had a wonderful weekend long weekend!!!!