Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dare # 51

Welcome back to the work week! I hope everyone passed a beautiful fall weekend! It has been busy here at the ol' homestead but it feels like things are getting accomplished!

Here is your dare this week:

Dare # 51:

Since I am going to be attempting to cross another thing off of my 101 list; go a whole week without eating meat! What is your favorite meatless meal?

I am a meat loving girl so this one is going to be hard for me! I started yesterday and already I'm craving steak! ha ha!

It was an absolute BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the Pontiac. Sometimes when I'm driving home from the city beside the mountains I become breathless with the beautiful trees.

Friday night I got together with some of my closest friends for a yummy potluck! I can't imagine a meal that I love more then snacking on a bunch of other peoples dishes!! It's like a buffet but with all homemade goodness! Yum!

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends who would be willing to spend their Friday evening getting together to celebrate my birthday (and can cook so well!!!)...Thank you guys!!

Look at this AWESOME cake that Josee made! Isn't it the cutest? It tasted so good too, I've been snacking on the leftovers all weekend.

These are all my birthday gifts from that evening! Amazing, no? My friends are the best, I felt very spoiled and blessed!

Gourds from my good friends Sharon's garden!! They look beautiful on the middle of my island!!

Saturday morning I woke up early and drove to the grocery store for 7 because I wanted to be the first one in the door! I got all of this week's ingredients for non-meat meals! I also picked up all the Halloween candy for this year! I can't wait to put all of Halloween baggies together!

I worked Saturday night so I slept in a bit on Sunday. Once I was up and ready I cleaned up and found a new home for all of my birthday presents. I was just passing time really until some good girlfriends arrived for our lunch date we planned.

We all headed to the city for Shoeless Joe's. It is a really great restaurant but let me tell you, not many meatless dishes! I ended up opting for a grilled vegetable sandwich and lattice fries! Yum!

After we all arrived back at my house we talked and exchanged presents from birthdays passed. Again, so spoiled! It was a great time catching up with these ladies. I am so glad that we have been able to keep in contact since high school days and still regularly see each other, they're the best!

If my puppy ever goes missing I know who has it! ha ha Steph just LOVES Tucker!

Last night for supper Ryan and I had meatless Nachos.

Notice how my half has salsa and his is plain with cheese? ha ha He is such a picky eater! Oh, and don't worry I'm not making Ryan go meatless, because I think he would literally die without meat! ha ha!

Earlier last week they were calling for snow on the long term forecast! Thank god that has changed because I am SO not ready for snow yet! Actually, if there is no snow at all this year this girl will be very happy!

How was your weekend?



  1. Wow - you sure had a lot of birthday celebrations this year Missy! LOL!
    Love the pics of Maddy - she's way more photogenic than her mother is!
    Glad to hear there are no "flurries" in the forecast as well.
    As for meatless recipes...well a simple stir fry is good - I make rice and then I cook up some peppers, mushrooms, brocoli - whatever veggies I have - and I mix it together! Another recipe that I know Josee makes and it sounds yummy is - they take zucchini i believe, cut it up and put tomatoes and cheese on top and cook in the oven! Sounds easy and yummy as well.

  2. That last one you mentioned my mom makes too - and calls it ratatoué (sp?) ... she sautees the zuchinni, tomatoes & onions in a pan, then pops the cheese on top til it melts and voila! I'm not a fan, but it always smells good! lol

    PS - No snow AT ALL?? How dare you say such a thing, Hamilton?!?

  3. hmmmm meatless... is there such a thing :). haha. I like Fettuccine Alfredo, you can do that without meat :) or Mac & cheese :)

    and I'm like you, I'd be good without snow or ice (down here!!). My car hates both!

  4. homemade mac & cheese w/the crumbles on top.. mmm anddd pizza :)

  5. Our fall has been sooo beautiful here in Minnesota as well. Happy belated Birthday!! Looks like you had an awesome weekend :-) Love that birthday cake, too cute!