Monday, October 4, 2010

Dare #50 and What a weekend!

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to the work week! I am actually relieved to see the weekend come to an end because that means next weekend is Thanksgiving (in Canada).
I had one full weekend! Phew! But very eventful and fun!

Before I get to that here is your dare this week:

Dare #50:

Being that Thanksgiving is this coming weekend tell me, what are you thankful for?

I was a very happy girl come Friday afternoon. After a busy week at work and some other personal things going on, I was spent!

I went home on Friday afternoon and literally CRASHED on the couch and fell asleep for two hours. When I woke up Ryan and I headed to my parents home to play a couple of games of Euchre. We needed to get some practise in for the upcoming Euchre tournament on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I got to look after this little cutie.....

Jared and Holly wanted an hour to go for a run so Faith and I hung out for a little bit.

After Faith had gone home and Ryan returned from work we got ready and headed to Sharon and Wayne's for the euchre tournament that we were SO looking forward to.
Ryan and I love to play cards and were so thankful that Sharon and Wayne decided to put on this tournament.

We did awful but had a blast losing! ha ha! You should have seen the food spread! Snacks throughout the whole afternoon then spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce, garlic bread and Cesar salad for supper! Yum!

Being full as could be I had to duck out a little early to head to work.

Sunday morning I woke up pretty early because I am getting the living room/dining room painted. My whole house is a mess with paint cans everywhere and dry wall dust on every surface! Ah!

I decided to escape the mess for a bit and went to church with Mom. Afterwards, I headed back home to go take a nap but couldn't because the painting was not finished yet. So, I took out all of my baking supplies and made 6 homemade apple pies! All ready for Thanksgiving! Yum!

After the pies were ready and supper was in the fridge Ryan and I headed back to Sharon and Wayne's for a quick visit and to pick up a couple square bales for fall decorating. It was nice seeing Emma and Sharon again. (Sharon look in Emma's car seat, ha ha!)

Ryan finally harvested his pumpkin that didn't get so giant this year but it was great practise for next year! We tried weighing it and it is definitely over 100 lbs! Tucker is so scared of it! ha ha! The porch is now all decorated for the fall.

So, how was your weekend? Relaxing? Busy? Successful?
I hope everyone has a great Monday morning!


  1. The porch looks great Lindsay. And you can't let a neighbor do something nice for free can you... geeze.

  2. Weekend was good - Friday I was off to take Maddy to her evaluation then we spent the rest of the day at Hollie's helping out with Kaylee and Jessica...then some girls and I got in our car and went to a local small bar to meet an old friend we haven't seen in some time but got stood up and almost in a fight, so we headed back to our stomping grounds, got some food and went home! Saturday, took a tour to Renfrew to get some groceries and then went back to the camp and somehow in between all the trips back there, didn't realize that someone had broken into my parents house in broad daylight between 1pm and we spent some time back there waiting for cops and scoping through the mess to see what all was taken. Sunday, went to church for a whole 10 mins then left because Maddy was acting up - she had no TV then all day and we played outside, cleaned up the yard and then had pizza for supper! Anyways so a productive weekend I suppose!

  3. dang, that's a big pumpkin! We bought a pumpkin yesterday to decorate with and the lady gave my step-daughter one. Other than that, we went to a family reunion and I doctored my step-daughter for poison ivy b/c the husband is allergic to it also.

  4. 6 PIES!! Yummmo! :-D That pumpkins is hilariously huge!! Love the photo :-)