Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tag I'm it!

Did you all know that Thursday is my FAVORITE day of the week? Well it is. Not only is my bank account happy (pay day!) but it is the day before Friday.

This Thursday in particular I am having some lovely ladies over to partake is a craft night led by me! I'm excited to share with them all the craft that I did and that I am going to teach them to do!

(Don't worry I'll share it with you too!)

Kelly over at Keeping up with kelly & co. tagged me in a little "getting to know you" post! I answer questions from her and then pass some questions onto 8 other fellow bloggers! If you haven't gone over to Kelly's blog before GO! She is such a sweet heart, amazing baker and always writes the best posts!! Thanks for the tag Kelly!

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. What is your dream car?

To be honest that changes every day! I would love to have a Cadillac Escalade one day since it has always been one that I liked!

2. What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?

I actually don't own any good jewelry (aka real). I do have one necklace that I got in Disney. It was at a place where you pay $20, pick an oyster out of the water and then find a pearl. I kept the pearl and got it mounted onto a necklace when I got back to Canada.

3. If you could have a spending spree at any store where would it be?

Ahh...that would be awesome!! I think I would pick H&M. I would have to travel to Montreal to do so but it would be so worth it!

4. Would you rather watch reality t.v or scripted t.v?

Oh..I love me some reality t.v! Survivor, Real Housewives, America's Next Top Model, House Hunters, Teen Mom etc...Seriously, the list could go on and on!

5. What is your after work/school snack?

I usually start supper as soon as I'm done work. Every week I buy a block of cheese, cut it up and store it in the fridge. Then throughout the week Ryan and I can snack on a couple of slices of cheese if we ever get hungry. I stole this idea from Ryan's Mom! (Thanks Bev!)

6. Would you rather have a good hair day or an awesome outfit?

My hair always looks the same but defiantly an awesome outfit!

7. What is your dream ideal job?

Surprisingly, enough I am actually doing my dream job at the family business. No, it's not very glamorous and sometimes it is really stressful but I love what I do. I get to meet some interesting people, work right across the road from my house (The traffic is awful, ha ha) and sometimes even travel. Perfect.

8. Why did you start blogging?

When I started blogging I did it as an experiment. I wasn't sure how it was going to go but kept an open mind. I ended up loving having a place where I could go and reflect! I keep thinking I'm going to run out of things to talk about but every day brings new ideas!

Alright here is who I tag:

Jill at Jill's World
Nicole at That's Life
Mandy at Mandy's Blog
And anyone else who would like to answer the below questions!

Here are your questions ladies:

1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what 4 items would you bring with you?
2. What is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing to do?

3. What is your best asset?

4. What is your favorite restaurant and why?

5. What do you prefer, fancy night out on the town or movie/chips at home?

6. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

7. What is the number 1 thing on your Christmas list this year?

8. What is your favorite holiday (which holiday and why) activity?

Happy Friday Eve!



  1. Oh my! I'll have to think hard to answer these questions before I'll be able to post! Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. Ok I've been busy last week (my posts were pre-done... haha) and now that I have a minute to catch up, of course I'll answer :)

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