Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a Weekend and Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello out there!! It feels like forever since I have even been on a computer! Today is Tuesday but actually it is my Monday which means that this week will seem really short because of this past long weekend! Woo hoo!!

I had a FABULOUS weekend! So eventful but I still feel so rested! No dare this week since there was no way I was turning on my computer yesterday!

Friday I was so happy to get done work! I was feeling tired, sluggish and so ready for the weekend to start. In fact, the moment I got home from work I crawled straight to the basement and fell asleep!

Once I woke up from my Friday afternoon nap I went and made some yummy homemade pizza for supper. Zip.ca had sent me Slumdog Millionaire so Ry and I settled in for "Friday movie night in Beechgrove".

Saturday morning I woke up early because Jilly had invited me to run to the city with her for some errands! We headed first to pick up some pictures from Walmart and then headed straight to Starbucks for the Pumpkin Spice latte that I have been dreaming about for a week! Jill decided to get one too and had an "interesting" conversation with the cashier while we waited about Harry Potter.

Full of caffeine we headed off to Micheal's where I think we both spent WAY too much money on their discounted fall decorating stuff and then to Toys R Us. We finished off the morning with Lunch at Kelsey's with spinach dip included, yum! Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!

Saturday night I had all of my family over. We had decided to not have turkey this year so instead we ordered in wings and fries from Gavan's, the local bar. We all pigged out while we watched the Leafs KILL the Sens. So wonderful! :-) In between periods we had birthday cake and presents for my birthday!

It was so fun teaching Faith how to blow out candles, she was so proud that she did it, with a little help from Auntie.

I got some wonderful presents; necklace, c.d and new hairdryer from Ry. Gift certificate for my favorite clothes from Ryan's parents, Zumba classes from my brother, sister in law and niece and look what my parents got me......

Isn't it funny how when you grow up you get excited over a mixer? ha ha! How things have changed!

Sunday morning was church, relaxing and supper at Ryan's parent's where his mom made a FEAST for us! It was so yummy and I was so thankful to have such such a delicious turkey dinner!

Monday was a day of relaxation! Baking so I could test out me new mixer, watching a movie, and then my first Zumba class where I sweat my butt off!! It was a fun workout though and I can't wait till next class!

Well there you have it! My busy weekend! Today will also be probably busy here at work but that's O.K I'm going to stay relaxed because today is:

My Birthday! It's so hard every year to start saying your new age, 23....23....23...wow! I can remember being 13 and thinking, "wow in ten years I'll be 23, weh that's old!" ha ha!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Are you full of Turkey?

Have a great Tuesday!


    LOVE THE MIXER - wish I could get one...but i refused to pay like $500 for it when I know I wouldn't use it ALL THAT MUCH....lol
    Looks like you had a great weekend with family.
    Just wanted to say Thank You for "watching" Maddy at church on Sunday morning...she was sooo good and when I looked over, I just loved how she was looking up at you and trying to follow your lips and was singing away...or trying to anyways...
    anyways - have a good week

  2. That's funny - Mom and I were just talking about those mixers this morning, I saw one in the Canadian Tire flyer and it said "$250 - Save $200!" I was like whoa - how much do these things usually cost!?!? Since my mom's a big baker, I asked her why she never had one- she said she got one when she got married, and it burnt out a year later, so she never replaced it and never missed it! LOL
    Hope you enjoy yours Linds! Happy Birthday

    (PS - I hate the Leafs)

  3. Woohoooo! Happy Birthday and seriously, I'm older than you ;)... haha... I hit I think 27 this year... it's not so bad... And late Happy Thanksgiving!

    So that mixer is great! You'll love it and of course you had to try it out! When I got mine, it sat in my parents basement for 2 years before I said screw that and set it up on my mom's counter. She couldn't believe I wouldn't save it for my "some day house" but at that point in my life some day was years away and I was sick of waiting :)