Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best Time of The Year

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve! Today I am as giddy as a kindergardener. Seriously, I have ants in my pants today. Christmas is just around the corner but it is the pre- Christmas stuff that is getting me so excited.

Today is my last day of work before Christmas! I love where I work! Sure, the commute is great but the best part is who I work with. Today, after lunch, when everyone is done work, instead of rushing home they have all brought their instruments and we are going to have a jam session in the garage! Seriously, these men (and ladies) are great musicians!!

From our golf tournament this summer.

On Monday I put "Operation Get Ready For Christmas" in full effect. I finished all my crafts, got the groceries done.
Presents wrapped

Stockings hung

Tree decorated

House cleaned

and now I am ready!

It is such a relief, I was running around like a little elf at Santa's work shop.

Part of my favorite thing about Christmas is the fact that there are so many fun activities prior to Christmas.

On Monday night Ryan and I went to visit Charlotte, Sara and Graham's little baby (and them of course too!). We had a great visit with them and we were able to give Charlotte her Christmas present from Ryan and I.

I know, I know repeat picture but I just LOVE this one!

Last night, Wednesday, Ryan and I were graciously invited over to Sharon and Wayne's for a yummy supper. We also gave their little girl, Emma, a Christmas gift. We had a hoot watching her open her present and visiting.

Tonight, on the Eve of Christmas Eve, I am going to visit one of my best friends, Jill. Every year we get together for supper, dessert and a couple of drinks! This year we are even throwing in a Christmas movie! I am so excited to relax, eat, and visit!

I am so looking forward to more fun activities to come!

Tomorrow....Christmas Eve!

Have a great Thursday!



  1. Getting excited too Linds...however on this Eve of Christmas Eve, I STILL have things to get...sooo behind this year but I sorta like the rushing around to get things done! LOL
    We'll see you tomorrow night at Church!

  2. Oh No! Well I hope all the rest of your errands go smoothly for you!!!

    Def. see you at church tomorrow night...I can't wait till after to give Maddy her gift!!! :-)

  3. I love the last-minute rush too - I usually head to Shawville on Chrismas Eve morning to pick up a few last minute items, but this year, I already have everything...I'm going to miss that frenzied trip to Shawville this year!! But I guess I'll clean my fish tank!

  4. Hope you had a Fabulous Christmas! Your tree is gorgeous!