Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is It Over Already?


Can it really be over all ready? Christmas holidays, the days that I have been looking forward to all year! In the stressful summer months I would think, "only so many more days till Christmas". I can't be depressed though because it had to be the best one yet!

On Thursday, the 23rd, the day at work was pretty much a waste. Everyone was too excited for the holidays to start. After lunch, everyone went out the the shop for a couple of beer and some music. We have such great musicians in our area.

Afterwards, I headed home to get my Christmas cooking done. 3 dozen buns, some tortilla wraps and 2 desserts. I'm that that I had that afternoon to get it all accomplished.

That evening I headed to town for Jill and Lindsay's annual Christmas dinner (and drinks of course).

With full bellies, we settled in to watch our movie, The Family Stone.

Jill noticed, with some help, that Edward the elf had left her an early Christmas present. A twilight ornament!

Jilly and I had a great time visiting, relaxing, crying at the movie and laughing. I wish we could have Christmas dinner 6 times a year!

Christmas eve morning was a busy one. Between packing up the gifts, getting the house straightened and finishing last minute details it was all a blurr. Around lunch time we headed to my parents for Turkey dinner and presents.

Looking forward to some turkey!

Faith had just woken up from a nap and she was so funny. She has this new smile that she does where she has to show all her teeth. I wonder where she gets it from?

We all sat down to an amazing dinner. It was wonderful and we all had a nice time visiting.

After lunch it was present time. Since I wake up Christmas morning at my parents, we only do gifts to my brother, his wife and Faith.

Just threw this picture in here because I love it!

This year, Ryan and I got Faith her first bike, a tricycle. She was a little confused about how to go on it. ha ha!

Mom and dad got Faith an easel. She loves to draw and it kept her occupied for the rest of the evening while the rest of us opened some gifts.

Mom got Jared and Ryan these trapper hats from American Eagle. The boys were delighted to discover that on the side pocket there was a bottle opener! They wore their hats until it was time to leave for church!
The Tag said:
To Ryan (Jared)
Love: Trapper
If you go back to the top of this post, the first picture is Ryan with a guy named Mitch but everyone calls him Trapper (or Trap for short)

We all loaded up and headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. It is always a favorite of mine. There were so many children out, it was great to see!

My most favorite part of Christmas is when Rolly plays Silent Night and the whole church is lit from candle light. It's beautiful.

Before Ryan and I headed back to Mom and Dad's we stopped in to visit Stacy, Ricky, and Maddy. Every year since I've been home from out west, I had always stopped in to give Maddy her Christmas present on Christmas Eve. It was nice sitting with them a visiting for a bit.

Once back at Mom and Dad's, the four of us sat by the fire place for a relaxing drink and snack before bed. Then dad read Twas' The Night Before Christmas. Christmas just isn't Christmas without Dad reading that story.

By the time I hit the hay it was midnight and my body was so sleepy. But my head couldn't wait for the next morning, Christmas!



  1. Looks like SUCH a fun day with your family!! Little Faith is TOO cute :-D And dinner looked DEELISH!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Yeah the few days before Christmas and the week between Christmas and New Years are kind of a waste... no one wants to be there and a lot of people take off around here. :)

  3. Hi Lindsay,
    It was funny to see a picture of me doing the children's story in your blog! Thanks. It was pretty much pandemonium for the service and I LOVED!!! it. I love the kids running all over the place and my favorite part too is Silent night with Rolly.
    Happy New Year!