Monday, December 20, 2010

Dare #57

Welcome back to the week lovelies! But, this is not like any other week. This is the week leading up to awesome Christmas festivities! Woo Hoo!

Dare #57:

Enforce operation get ready for Christmas. All final details all have to be done at the last minute. Wrapping, cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing and much more! Today's goal; make a list of what is left to do!

I have a feeling this week is going to zoom by! With events every night of the week and the anticipation the Christmas I have a feeling I'm going to blink and it will be all over.

The Christmas festivities have already begun!! This weekend was action packed with fun activities.

Friday afternoon I played hooky and left work early. I got some extra crafts done at home that need be done by Christmas.

After a quick change, supper and some relaxing with Ryan, I was off to Quyon to board a big yellow bus with 19 other women. We were off to celebrate this amazing ladies upcoming wedding in CUBA.

Have I mentioned that I am going to Cuba? No? Well Ryan and I are off in January for beach, sun and endless memories with friends!

The bachelorette on Friday was a surprise and so none of us found out what we were doing until that night. Once on the bus Kerry got "geared up" for our......Belly Dancing Class!

It was a hoot and a workout too! It was a great class full of giggles! On the way home we stopped for some Rotten Ronnie's (McDonald's) and then the ladies partied at Gavans but I (the old lady) went home to bed.

It was a good thing that I went to bed so early because my internal clock decided to go off at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. UGH!! I stayed in my PJ's all morning and went on a cleaning spree! I got some more Christmas crafts done and then got myself and some food ready for Christmas potluck with some great ladies.

Every year a group of us friends get together before Christmas for yummy food and Christmas ornament exchange. Seriously, if we didn't do this ornament exchange I wouldn't have many cute decorations. 85% of my decorations in my home have come from this yearly potluck!

Over the years the group has definitely evolved and now we have lots of little ones to dote on! Just love them all! (Maddy, Kaylee and Jessica are missing from pictures)

With a full belly and a great gift (Thanks Kelly!) I was off home to bed for a great night's sleep! Thanks for a fun night girls!

Sunday morning I headed to church for a nice service but then headed home to get ready for potluck #2 of the weekend.

This is only our 2nd annual potluck but I hadn't seen these girls since October and we had lots to catch up on! After an awesome early dinner, some drinks and lots of laughs we exchanged gifts. Thanks Steph for the great present that you put together!

Here is out annual picture in front of the tree:

Thanks for the nice evening ladies!

Action packed indeed and more activities that I am SO looking forward to this week. Sometimes I wonder if I can get everything done before Christmas but in reality I know that it doesn't matter. What matters is that I am getting together with all of the people that I love most!

How was your weekend?
What are you doing to prepare for Christmas?

Happy Christmas week!



  1. My weekend started out with a busted pipe and flooding our living room and office. And then my husbands dog chewed up wires in the garage so the garage door wouldn't go down and my outside fridge isn't plugged in anymore... and that was just the beginning. Ah home ownership is so fun, especially with pets :)

  2. Awww! What a FUN weekend you had! Love the pictures-- especially the one in front of the Christmas tree, looks great!! :-D

    Alright if you say so, Lindsay... Operation Get Ready for Christmas is in effect. If only this damn migraine would get out of the way :-( Hope you have a great evening!!