Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Woo Hoo! I am so glad the weekend is here. At the same time though, it kind of makes me break out in a cold sweat! As of tomorrow it will be 1 week till Christmas. I have WAY too much to do before Christmas. Oh well, I'm sure I can get it all done.

I have been trying to get a couple more rooms renovated before Christmas. The projects started way back around Thanksgiving and the rooms are now starting to come together, piece by piece. Don't worry, they are almost done and I can show you soon!

Here are the before pictures:

Living room


Today I'm going to play along with Stacy's 5 Things Christmas wouldn't be complete without.

1. Wayne Rodstad (duh!) must be played while decorating the Christmas tree! A must!

2. Christmas Eve service at church where Rolly strums Silent Night on his guitar as the congregation quietly sings in candle light. Heavenly.

3. Dad reading Twas' The Night Before Christmas, on Christmas Eve after church.

4. Getting together with family and having turkey.

5. Funny name tags on Christmas presents under the tree. I have one this year that says:

To: Lindsay
Love: Sarah Jessica Parker

What could it be?

What 5 things would your Christmas not be complete without?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh hahaha! Looove your family's humor with the gift tags :-D I got all sorts of sick/excited when I read this post-- don't think my stomach can take the excitement in the next 5 days before my family gets here!! :-D I just can't wait to do Christmas Eve service (after seeing "A Christmas Carol" downtown!!!) and then opening presents on Christmas Day in our PJs (I'm always the first out of bed!!)

  2. I love the name tag thing! My grandma used to always say my mom & aunt's name before mine (when talking to me) or mine and mom's when talking to aunt, you get the picture... one year when we were Christmas shopping grandma did that enough that aunt looked at her and said, what do you want Barbara (my grandma's name was Virginia). So that year for Christmas my grandma got packages to Barbara. I'll never forget that.

    When you're done renovating your house, come help me figure out what to do with my bedroom :)