Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Challenge and TGIF!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad to see Friday here. My week has gone by pretty fast but Fridays are always a great day regardless!

I am DEFINITELY in the Christmas spirit after this week. In the last week I have been to 3 Christmas parties, wrapped 25 gifts (for a Christmas party) and have finished ALL of my Christmas shopping (stockings and all!). I think I walk to the tune of jingle bells!

Today on Aly and Molly's 12 days of Christmas Challenge it is day 11.

Day 11: New Years Resolutions

I really hate making New Years resolutions because to be honest normally I don't accomplish them. However, there are some goals that I would like to check off my "life list" before the end of the year.

1. Donate blood

2. See Niagara Falls

3. Save for a new washer and dryer

4. Finish unpacking all my boxes full of collage stuff

5. Be a better friend

6. Be a better girlfriend

7. Make lots of fun memories!

What will be on your new years resolution list?

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am horrible at New Year's resolutions b/c I never keep them... LOL. Your list looks fairly easy! and maybe we could meet at Niagra falls :)... :) haha. Never been there and always wanted to go :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Oooh! I would LOVE to visit Niagara Falls too! It's been on my vacationing list for a while now!