Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend post a little late!

I am seriously slacking on the post front. I love to write on Monday in order to get what my weekend was like, before I forget.

Yesterday I spent the day in the city attending a funeral and then that evening I had tickets for my towns Christmas house tour. Basically, 4 houses (3 houses, 1 funeral home) open their doors to paying visitors in order to raise money for Quyon Pastoral Charge (the church that I attend).

It was so fun to walk around these places looking at the decorations but the best part is seeing inside the neighbours house!! That makes me seem really nosey but after looking at these houses for years from the outside it's nice to be able to picture what they look like on the inside as well!! All were beautiful!

Since I'm late I won't be doing a dare this week.

I really had a great weekend! It was so full of activities but I still managed to relax. I have been a really sucky sleeper lately and I was so looking forward to getting some extra sleep!

Friday night was book club meeting! I was actually hosting it at my house and we were having a Christmas potluck and celebrating a full year of book club!

We were covering Heart of The Matter by Emily Giffin, questions led by Stacy (Hi Stacy!). We stuffed our faces with SUPER yummy food and then had a great discussion about the book. Not to mention a little non-book related visiting as well.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in (woo hoo!) but then got straight to work! I needed to desperately clean out the garage so that I could actually park my car in there. I spent literally all morning cleaning but now with all this snow I don't have to worry about sweeping my car, woo hoo!

Ryan came over and we got the Christmas tree all decorated!! It looks beautiful and makes the basement feel so cozy!

Saturday afternoon I was so tuckered! After a long week of late nights and little sleep I crashed on the couch! I was the definition of a couch potato! I slept, watched a Christmas movie, and ate chips for supper.

Sunday morning Ryan woke me up early because to him, it was like Christmas morning. We were headed to Calabogie for Snowcross, snowmobile racing. We stopped for breakfast on our way there and I was rushed through my meal because my big kid was so excited to get to Snowcross.

Finally, we were there and parked. We pretty much sprinted to the races. ha ha! We spend the morning/early afternoon watching all the races!

It really was great! I wasn't sure I would like it but ended up having a great time!

There were little 4 year old races.

Semi Pro racing.

And pro racing with guys hitting huge jumps!

By the end of the show I was exhausted and freezing!

Note* I did not know this sleeping picture was being taken by my driver, Ryan!

Once we got home Ryan had LOTS of energy! He decided to go ahead and put our new Christmas lights on the house!

Ryan and I have this tradition where when we turn the lights on for the first time, we go for a walk down the road (with Tucker too) and look at the lights from a distance with lots of, Oh's and Aw's!

This year was no different. That night we went for our walk for our first Christmas light lighting of the season!

How was your weekend?

Hope you are having a great week!



  1. OMG did Tucker freeze? And wow, book club, I so want to join one of those! I don't know enough people where I could even start my own... oh well. And I love the snow in your house light pictures and the one of you sleeping! That's great! I have pictures of me like that that pop up from time to time.

  2. Aww, looks like a GREAT weekend!! The snowmobile pictures are crazy! And I love how you guys go outside after putting up lights-- my family and I used to do that too. Something about seeing what it looks like to others is so fun :-D

    I have never read any Emily Giffin books.. I'll have to pick up one sometime!!