Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Part 2

After a very busy Christmas Eve I slept very well that night. I even slept through Santa's sleigh landing on the roof! Now, that's a deep sleep! I sprung out of bed on Christmas morning and Ryan had just arrived!

We were both like very excited little kids, the only problem, we had to wait for my parents to wake up! How did I fix this? By sending in a Chihuahua to attack!! Tucker loves my parents. He was part superman on Christmas morning and jumped on their bed, with them still in it.

That got them up pretty quick, not to worry, they weren't mad. I had started the coffee after all! :-)

First thing, stockings!! We have this old tradition in our family that stocking presents are opened on the parents bed. We all got some really neat stuff in our stockings and had fun opening them!

Finally, it was time for the big show, the presents under the tree!

Do you remember being a kid and asking for toys? I remember asking for barbies, a doll house, even moon shoes. I would be so excited to play with all of my new toys. Now? I ask for and get excited over a toilet bowl cleaner. How things have changed.

Tucker must have been a really good boy this year because Santa brought him a new toy and a snuggie!

I got Ryan this custom painted sign for the basement to hang near the bar. He was pretty excited.

My big gift was a new camera! I was so excited, for the last two years I have been duct taping my old powershot camera in order to make it work. Duct tape really does fix everything! No more tape for this girl nowthat I have a very functional Canon Rebel T2i! Woo hoo!

Once all the gifts were open we had a quick breakfast and then loaded up everything to head back to my place. We relaxed for a while, then got ready to head to Ryan's parents house for Christmas dinner (turkey, YUM!) with his family!

I couldn't wait to get there and visit with them! His family is really awesome and have always made me feel right at home, ever since I have met them.

While waiting for supper we all decided to exchange gifts. Again, both Ryan and I were spoiled rotten by the generous gifts from his parents!

I had a huge laugh at Ryan's cousin, Katelyn's reaction to her new Justin Bieber shirt! ha ha!

At dinner time, Bev (Hi Bev!) got everyone Christmas poppers full of goodies. We all tried on our crowns.

It was a great visit and when we got home we were so sleepy after the long day we headed straight to bed!

Sunday meant boxing day, which also meant boxing day sales. Here, in Canada, boxing day is a pretty big deal. The sales are suppose to be amazing. I had never actually taken part in this but decided to wake up at the crack of dawn and try it out.

NEVER AGAIN! It wasn't even the crowds that bothered me, or the early morning, it was my expectations that I had set way to high. I assumed that every store would have every item on sale. WRONG. It is only on selected merchandise. We did manage to get some things we needed at great prices but I don't think I would go again.

The rest of boxing day was spent watching movies and putting away (playing) with Christmas gifts.

Monday was a glorious holiday! No work! Woo hoo! Ryan and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take the snow mobile out for it's maiden voyage of the 2010-2011 season!

Friends, Andrea and Curtis, came too. We all drove up to Fort Coulonge for a great lunch and then through amzing trails to Black River.

On the way home, I was starting to get a bit chilly but I wanted to learn how to drive. So, Ryan let me drive part of the way home. IE: The safest part for me to drive, where I won't hit anyone. Remember, I'm very clumsy!

This adventure was the perfect way to end our Christmas holidays!

We are so fortunate to all be healthy and get to spend it with each other this Christmas.

I hope that everyone had a safe, memorable and merry Christmas!


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  1. Oh yey! You joined the dSLR gang! Woohooo! You'll love it! I went out the day after Christmas b/c around here stores claimed they'd have great sales... yeah, no such luck, but I did get a few good prices on a few things. :) So glad you guys had a great Christmas! So someday I'll have to come up and go snow mobiling which I've never done in my life :) Then you can come ride horses with me :)