Friday, March 11, 2011


Align RightDear Mother Nature,

I thought I had it bad. I was so ready to curse you this morning about how awful our weather was. However, please dump our little area with snow and rain all you want, just please stop all the crazy shenanigans that is happening over near Japan!


Dear Spring,

I am so ready for you. As you can read above, I told Mother Nature to continue with snow. In reality, I just wanted to distract her from everything in Japan. Really, I WANT YOU BAD SPRING!

I want to rock in the evenings on these with a cup of tea........

Plant my flowers and look after the gardens.......

Just see green again.......

I would not be insulted if you kicked Mother Nature's butt. Infact, I encourage it. I wouldn't tell! :-)

Spring ahead!

Dear Basement,

Please, please, OH PLEASE, don't flood this spring. I have really been enjoying your company over these winter months. I think I would get separation anxiety if we ever were to part!

Couch Potato!

Dear Weekend,

Thank for you being here. Every week I look forward to seeing you. I get as giddy as a school girl thinking about all the activities and relaxing I will do. Please let my readers have a great weekend!




  1. How about:
    Dear Municipality of Pontiac and Transport Quebec:
    You're roads are horrible, I hate them...I am so glad that I don't pay taxes...oh and with this rain, maybe you should be out monitoring them or something before someone sinks through the pavement (ie: ME perhaps) - particularily near the Plains in Luskville.

    Love ME

  2. Awe, this is so cute! And yeah, that Japan thing is crazy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!