Thursday, March 3, 2011

House Tour - Bathroom, Check!

There was nothing that I hated more in my house then my upstairs bathroom. This is the primary bathroom in the house being that it has the shower. By the time this renovation started to take place I couldn't find the energy to clean a bathroom I hated.

There were many problems with this bath room.


The same paint, floor and fixtures (sink, toilet, etc) that was there when my parent's first put it there about 25 years ago, yuck!

At this point, I'm getting close to being done renovations, very close! The problem with that? You already spend alot of money in other area's! I had to make this bathroom very affordable.

I was scanning through another Canadian Tire flyer (see a pattern: something on sale=let's start renovating) when I saw a dark wood bathroom set that was on sale for 60% off. Thank you! I literally went out that afternoon and picked it up!

One of the pieces and the painting is actually from mine and Ry's trip to Jamaica.

We had these bathroom pieces for over three months because we started the livingroom project first.

In the meantime, we arranged for Bath fitter to come in and put in a new WHITE shower surround and fixtures.

Side note: Who was the guy that thought beige toilette's and showers were a good idea? They're not!!

We were also able to find flooring on sale as well!

Dad, Ryan and Tucker worked really hard to get this project done (in one weekend, thanks fellas!) for me.



Didn't they do an amazing job? It was a great way to change up a bathroom! I am loving not having a pedestal sink anymore! I actually have storage space! Including the tub surround (which was 83% of the cost, yes I used a calculator), paint, flooring, new toilet and accessories this new bathroom cost me $4800.00.

Yes, that number at first glace might seem a little high but normally a bathroom is one of the most expensive places to renovate! Normally, a bathroom would be double that!

It just goes to show that if you are patient and look for deals you really can make a big change for not alot of coin!

Happy Thursday!



  1. I like how you've suddenly turned french and started spelling toilet "toilette" ;)

  2. ha ha ha Woops. It's funny that it didn't make me fix it when I spell checked!

  3. Wow the flooring is beautiful!!! And I love the shot of Tucker laying on (Ryan or your dad??)!! I want rid of my pedestal sink too, but it matches my toilet/shower... they are all blue... I'm stuck with it for a while :(