Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Of Parties

Happy Monday everyone! Weekends always pass way too quickly! I can't say I was ever over stressed with things to do, it was all fun!

Friday evening one of my best friends Jilly was hosting an Epicure tasting party! If you haven't tried any Epicure spices before, you are missing out! They are seriously delicious. All the food spread that night had these spices! Needless to say, I never ate any supper before the party! Yum!

Saturday afternoon my Mom was hosting a Norwex party at her house. Norwex is by far, my absolute favorite home party. My whole house (literally) I clean using Norwex. I save so much money every shopping trip. I never have to pick up cleaning supplies.

It's hard to believe at first that you really can clean with basically just water, but you can. I kind of pride myself in having a clean house. I am in no way obsessive about cleaning my house. I wish I was. However, I like my home to always be in presentable condition.

Since I've been cleaning with my Norwex products I've been able to clean my house easily, fast and inexpensively.

Here are a few of my favorite things:
The dusting mitt

It really clings to the dirt and because it is so close to your hand, it can get into lots of nooks!

The Enviro and window cloth

I use these for everything! Cleaning my appliances, mirrors, counters, windows, EVERYTHING! No more Windex. After wiping a mirror with a wet Enviro cloth, I then go over it with the window cloth for a streak free finish.

My Norwex mop

Cleans/shines hardwood, laminate and tile using just water.

Do you use Norwex? What is your favorite tool for keeping your house clean?

After a busy (LAST!) Saturday night shift at Gavans, Sunday was spent puttering around the house. Perfect, relaxing way to end the weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!


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  1. Last... as in no more?

    And I've never heard of Norwex :(...