Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What A Crazy Week!

Today marks a week since Ryan popped the question! Crazy! I feel like I haven't been home since that day last week either. My house shows it too. We've been so busy doing things and visiting with family and friends. Now, it is starting to feel like things are going back to normal.

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone's sweet comments! It was been such a fun, exciting and blessed week!

Let's rewind shall we, to the big night.

That evening was the celebration of Jared and Ryan's birthday's which meant that I was giving Ryan his birthday present. I have been dying to give this to him for 2 months since I bought the plane tickets.

We are going to New York! In 2 weeks we leave for the big apple to enjoy the statue of liberty, a Broadway show and a little baseball of course!! So excited!! It was kind of put under the radar when the engagement happened but now that it's quieter we are so excited to leave for our mini vacation!

Over the weekend, the young ladies of the church (including me) put on an Irish Tea!

It was great success and I had a wonderful surprise! My grandma, who lives an hour away, showed up for the tea!! It was fun chatting with her and she loved hearing all the details of the engagement and upcoming wedding!!

On Sunday, my dad had the idea to go out for supper with Ryan's parents to celebrate the engagement. Mine and Ryan's parent's have met before but haven't talked for an extended period of time. This turned out to be a great meal, wonderful company and fun way to celebrate!!

Finally, this are moving quickly on the wedding planning front! There are only so many places in this small down that you can have a wedding and in my church where I got baptized is in the lead!

Ryan and I have also picked a tentative date.....

May 12, 2012!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!



  1. Sounds like you are already in planning mode, so exciting and so much fun! Hope you enjoy every moment of it.

    What a great birthday present, lucky Ryan! :)

  2. I can't wait for May 12'2012..Can't wait to hear about all your plans for the wedding.. Looking forward to going dress with you & your mom..
    Love Ya's

  3. Woohoooo! How awesome (the date I mean :))... And New York... OH MY GOSH you are going to LOVE New York! I spent a week there in 2005 and then went back in either December of 08 or 09 (can't remember but I think 08). Just make sure you wear tennis shoes b/c you'll walk everywhere! It looks like it's all spread out but you seriously can cover more ground walking than anything... and the next best thing is the subway!!