Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Monday...Err..Tuesday!

Hey lovelies!! Happy Tuesday to you and happy Monday to me! Does that make sense?

This morning I woke up at 4 with a bad dream. Being dazed and confused I then went back to bed, only to set my alarm an extra hour early! Now, I am sitting here at the office at 6 AM instead of 7 AM. Bleh! What we do when we're over tired and not thinking.

I hope everyone passed a great weekend. Mine was kind of low key. We started the weekend out on Friday night with a book club meeting where we were covering The Kite Runner.

If anyone is part of a book club, I would highly recommend using this book. It has a lot of discussion possibilities!

Saturday I literally did not change out of my P.J's. But that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. For those who don't know, I'm going to be an Auntie (or Ti-ti, like they call me around here) again. I am so excited! Less then two weeks from now! I love my niece Faith to pieces and I wanted to make her a special "big sister" shirt. Jared and Holly (Hi Guys!) don't know what they are having so to be safe I make little sister and brother onsies. Although, I think I know what it's going to be! :-)

Way back, at the beginning of the the new year, I dared you all to make a list of things you want to organize. 52 things in fact. I made my list and I have been working every week to cross stuff off. With tax season among us, my next thing on my list was organize all of mine and Ryan's paperwork.

The pile started out looking like this....

The empty cupboard that use to hold all of it.

Organizing it...very important!

All neatly stowed away.

In the mood for organizing I then attacked and organized my entire craft room. Pictures to come!

That evening, while lying in bed, the only thing interesting I could find on T.V was Hoarders. Let me tell you, that is a gross show but it sure made me feel good about all the organizing work I had done that day!

Sunday was spend doing groceries and getting Ry new glasses (which make him look extra handsome by the way).

I do have one last thing for you all, a confession. An embarrassing confessing. A week ago yesterday, I was sitting in a movie theatre with one of my best friends (Jilly), watching.....The Justin Bieber Movie....(in 3D)

The worst part? I LOVED IT!! In fact, I am now a converted BIEBER fan!! I can't believe I just said that, am I 13?

*Hangs head in shame*

Have a great Tuesday and WELCOME TO MARCH!



  1. Happy Monday to you ;)

    Want to come organize my house for me? My house is such a mess right now... it's about to drive me nuts... but I have a good reason... we're remodeling our bedroom so all of our bedroom is piled in the hallway, the spare room which we are sleeping in, my step-daughter's room, the living room and my car has been kicked out of the garage. Hopefully this weekend this mess will all be cleaned up. First thing after room is put back together... CLEAN ALL FLOORS :)

  2. I loved the Kite Runner it was a fabulous if sad story. I have yet to see the movie.