Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Faith!

Dear Faith,

Today your 2! WOW! Ryan and I were getting supper ready last night and talking about how we remember that you were induced last night and born today!

You will never know the joy that you bring to our lives. After the worse of day's you come waddling into the office and everything seems to calm down.

You have really changed! Your hair is finally long enough to wear a really good ponytail! This makes me happy because I love making you special hair bows!

You can say so many things now. The one I love to hear the most is "Ti-Ti". When you first starting talking you couldn't say Auntie, only Ti-ti, now it is all you call me. You love to sing, dance, draw and play pretend right now! Your Uncle Ryan especially loves to play superman with you!

You have the funniest little smile when a camera comes out! You really Ham it up for the camera's!

You are about to become a big sister very shortly and you don't know it yet but I think you are going to be the best big sister. You will be very protective because that is part of your personality.

Faith, I hope you have an amazing birthday and great year as a 2 year old. You light up my life and I thank god every day for such a wonderful niece!

Love you lots,




  1. Very beautifully written Ti-Ti! Shows all the love that you have for your niece.
    Happy Birthday Faith