Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A weekend Recap

Hi Tuesday morning! Normally, we're cool today however, I'm tired and sluggish. I blame it on the Bachelor but it was so worth staying up to watch the proposal to Emily!

Well, I don't know about you, but my weekend FLEW by! I guess that's what happens when you are having fun!!

Friday evening Ryan and I cuddled in to start Season 4 of One Tree Hill. We are kind of a little obsessed now. Every chance we get we are watching those DVD's that one of my bestie's left me, thanks Amanda, miss you!

Saturday morning we walked across the road to my brother's to celebrate my niece, Faith's, second birthday!!

Her birthday outfit was made by me, more on that later gator!

We had fun watching Faith open her presents. After each one she would look at her Mommy and say, "Help".

She wanted to get into every present ASAP!

We then had a delicious homemade spaghetti lunch and cake made by my 40 week pregnant sister in law!

It was such a fun morning/afternoon celebrating and visiting!

Sunday morning I forced myself to sleep in!! I knew I would be having a long afternoon and needed all the sleep I could get.

Around lunch time I got decked out in green, chugged an energy drink and headed to Gavan's to work my last official shift as a bartender there!

St.Patty's day celebration is such a big deal in my small town! Working the bar is crazy but fun! It was fun dancing to the music, chatting with neighbours and making some money!

At 6 pm it was over. My day's of being a bartender are through. I have to say I am going to miss it. I'm going to miss seeing the people, working with some of the best ladies imaginable and making extra money! I work so much (especially in the summer) that it will be nice to have my weekends free now!

This is my when I got home from Gavan's. I'm not going to lie. Right after this picture I cried. Working at Gavan's has been a part of my identity for almost 3 years now.

How was your weekend? Have you celebrated St.Patty's Day yet?



  1. First off, wasn't the bachelor finale great? Emily seem slike such a sweet soul, so happy for them.

    Secondly, what?! I don't frequent Gavin's near often enough but as you might remember, you are my favorite bartender!!! Oh no!

  2. Did you quit working just because you wanted too... well obviously... ok nevermind :)

    Your niece is so cute and you said 40 week pregnant sister in law... um... isn't she overdue?

  3. Good for you, Lindsay,
    I am sure Gavan's would take you back in a heatbeat if you decide you want to go back. Taking time for yourself and Ryan is so important, taking Sabbath time is essentail to us all.