Monday, June 6, 2011

Sleepless Weekend, But Who Cares!

I'm not gonna lie, when I'm tired, I'm not a very nice person. It takes me alot of time to snap out of my "sleepiness" when I get up in the morning and it's always 10x worse when there is lack of sleep involved.

Normally, this bothers me but not this weekend! It was worth every bit of sleepless hours though!

Friday was a long day for Ryan. The poor guy was on the road by 5 AM and back from his first delivery on his truck by 8 AM. Then, out on another load over 2 hours away with about 10 stops! He was exhausted but surprisingly enough he still wanted to proceed with the original plan of going on a date to a drive in movie!

It was a back to back feature. The first movie, Hangover 2.

HILARIOUS! Honestly, it was very good but I kind of expected the humor after seeing the first movie. It was still very good and would recommend anyone seeing it.

During Hangover 2 Ryan and I snacked on our little picnic supper. You see, Friday night is suppose to be pizza night but we weren't at home. There was no way I was going to spend $20 on a pizzeria pizza so I just made a homemade pizza and we brought it with us! It was very good and still warm thanks to my awesome tinfoil wrapping skills!

The second movie that was scheduled was Arthur. We were VERY close to leaving because 1. It was already 11:30 and 2. We weren't really thinking this movie would be very good!!

I AM SO GLAD WE STAYED! We both loved this romantic comedy! It was a very cute movie with some really good laughs! It's not a movie that I would purchase but still worth it to see.

By the time we got home (2:30 WHAT!) I had to head to bed because it was up at 6:30 for work on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was tough. I'm not going to lie. I really didn't want to be there (I totally wanted to be at Josee's already!)

There were SO many pickups for sod. Want a good work out? Skip the gym and load up tons of sod into people's vehicles! I promise you'll be dripping in sweat and your arms will be like Jello 24 hours afterwards.

As I was slinging sod, I kept telling myself, "keep going, one more roll, your getting a massage soon, keep going!" The idea that I was getting a massage that afternoon is all that I looked forward to all day! Actually, that's a lie, a massage and visiting with the people that can make my day great no matter what! The massage was AMAZING and the visit before and after was great too! I was so relaxed and was asleep, in bed by 8 PM...on a Saturday night, yes...I'm that cool! :-)

Sunday morning I was up early to visit with a very special lady, my grandma Hamilton. Dad picked her up (she lived over 1 hour away) to come visit with us for the day! Ryan and I had so much to do so we were not planning on attending church (sorry, Nancy, it's true!) but when my grandma heard that she quickly changed our minds! (She has always had that effect on people!)

Her best lines:

"Would it kill ya to go to church two weekends in a row?"

"It's between you and your maker!"

I have to say, Ryan and I were both glad we went to church and sat with Grandma. It was a great service and it was nice to be with her.

After church Grandma wanted to come over and look at all the house renovation which made Ryan and I very proud. She loved telling us how beautiful it was and how nice it was. Nothing like a Grandma to make you feel wonderful!

The rest of the afternoon I made snacks for Ryan's lunch (6 loaves of Amish bread, What!) and cleaned up the house. Afterwards, I got ready for a special evening with Grandma and Dad! The three of us had a wonderful supper at a Hamilton family favorite, Swiss Chalet, and then headed to see the performance of The Ottawa Valley Men's Choir, in which my Auntie Ruth is the pianist for. She is UBER talented!

THIS GROUP WAS AMAZING! It was in a rural town in an old church that didn't fit more then about 100 people. I think I must have sat there with my mouth wide open in awe! This group travels around the Ottawa Valley singing for churches and other organizations to help raise money for said church/organization! They sing everything, from Amazing Grace, to Sweet Caroline. It really is such talented people, using their time and talents for a great cause!

So, as you can see, pretty awesome weekend, eh? My heart swells just thinking about it! Hope you all had an amazing weekend too!



  1. You were just preparing yourself for the sleepless nights when you have a kid someday ;). haha :)

    I don't function real well on lack of sleep either and my old college roommate said that she learned not to speak to me until I spoke first... :)

  2. Don't have to apologize, Lindsay. I don't take attendance at church, and you are definately allowed to skip. It was absolutely delightful to look out from the pulpit and see you all there, filling the Hamilton pew. I enjoyed meeting your Grandma. (It made me miss Jilly's Grandma, though).

    I don't do well on lack of sleep either, or lack of meditation time. I get grumpy.