Monday, June 27, 2011

Waterlogged Weekend

It's amazing how an adventurous, productive planned weekend can be turned around so quickly! I wish I could write to you about all that I accomplished this weekend but let me start from the beginning.....

Friday afternoon, Jilly, Ryan and I loaded up the car and headed to Ottawa for the Chicken and Rib Festival. Annually, Ottawa hosts a Chicken and Rib festival. Up and down Sparks Street Mall vendors are there competing for that first place prize. I had never been and so Friday afternoon we ventured out in the rain for a rib supper.

Raining it was, more like down pouring! We got SOAKED through but it was so worth it! We all ate in the comfort of the Jeep!

We decided since it was raining, it was the perfect opportunity to see a movie! We decided on X-Men First Class!

On the way to the movie theatre it was wet....really wet! But it had stopped raining hard so we never thought anything of it!

When we got out of the movie (which was good by the way) it was like the flood gates opened. Every parking lot was covered it water and the police were closing down roads all over. Driving through the parking lot, water was up to the door.

I have to admit...I was scared. The visibility was limited because of the rain, roads were washed out, other roads were questionable and we could not get home.

Luckily, Jill's sister and brother-in-law (Hi Kara!) were accessible and agreed to let us stay the night. Thank God we know such wonderful, generous people!

The next morning!

Saturday morning we left Kara and Chris' to try to take the 20 minute drive home. Unfortunately, things (again) didn't go as planned. We stopped on the road and were told 30 minutes before we could pass on the detour. 30 minutes turned into an hour....and finally we were told, no one will be all!

We were literally 5 minutes from home but had no way to pass on the road! Instead, we had to turn around and drive all the way around...another hour later and we were finally home!!!

Who knew that rain could cause so much damage. I know there is always the obvious of water damage in a basement but it really put into perspective how much we depend on our road ways and how quickly you can be isolated! I had to avoid the urge to stock up my cold storage with non perishables!

The HWY 148

As frustrating the situation was at the time I am so thankful for being with my supportive fiance and best friend. Being with them made a frusterating/scary situation into an adventure after all! (Let's just not have another one for a LONG time, ok?)

How was your weekend?



  1. My weekend...was SHITTY literally due to this water issue...sewage back up in my basement is NOT how i wanted to spend my day off on Friday!

  2. You're more than welcome to stay any time Lindsay - Caden wasn't too excited - can you tell we don't have overnight guests, often - lol...

  3. As I said on Saturday - so glad I was with you guys and not my own family. I'm pretty sure after spending that much time in a vehicle together under such stressful circumstances, at least one of us would be

  4. Luckily you drive a jeep that sets up! I'll bet my car would have been flooded! How scary. Send a little bit of that rain down to the southwest, I'll bet they'd appreciate it and while your at it, we could use a little too.

  5. Oh my goodness! I distinctly remember seeing a few large potholes in your part of the world, but sink holes??? That's crazy, and freaky!!!I can't believe that last picture. I wish you could bottle up some of that rain and send it to Arizona. LOL! We need it badly. Hope the weather lightens up for all of you.


  6. Oh, my goodness, Lindsay!
    Thanks for the pictures, very scary. My little Corolla would have beena goner in that hole.