Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Groomsman

Happy Wednesday everyone! It hit me last Saturday, 11 months till the big day! Less then a year! Part of me hopes that the next 11 months fly by! The other part of me wants it to slow down because I am really enjoying these "pre-marriage" moments!

So, being that it is Wednesday and around here Wednesday's mean all things wedding I'd like to pass this post to Ryan!

Hi everyone. I'd like you to meet Luc, Papa Ski-Doo, one of my groomsman.

I've known Luc for about eight years now. I met him through Lisa, Crawfish as I call her.

My first memory of Luc was the day we met. He was watching the races on the Ottawa River in the winter. He had brought down his sled and that is when I first started loving snowmobiling.

Luc is a great friend. We've had lots of fun together in the years that I've known him. He is very hard working. The man will do anything for anyone. He will help others before himself, he is very unselfish.

I'm glad he is a friend of mine. He has bent over backwards for me, helping me in whatever way he can. I was spending so much time at Luc and Lisa's that they jokingly gave me my own room.

I've been kicked out of my room but for good reason. He has two wonderful kids, Yanni and Syndey.

Luc is hard working, a good father and a jack of all trades, all things that I look up to. I am so glad that he is part of our special day. Thank you.

Peace Man!


*Lindsay here*

l'm thinking Ryan should start his own blog pretty soon eh? hee hee! Last night when I asked Ryan to write a post for me he never even hesitated. Just went to writing. I was pretty impressed! Thanks again Ryan!

Happy Wednesday!


*All pictures are stolen from Luc's Facebook*

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  1. Another great post from Ryan! And Yanni and Sydney are sooo cute!! :)