Friday, June 24, 2011

You Know You Live In Quebec When..........

Happy Friday everyone! I know most are complaining about all the rain we are getting but seriously, for this farm girl, it's awesome! My only wish would be that it doesn't rain from noon to 6 PM on Saturday for any fellow brides out's all about Karma Ok? :-)

Here's a little fact that some of you out there on cyberland might not know about me, I live in Quebec and I'm english. Sure, I can say a few things in french and have a BASIC conversation with someone who speaks french. However, mostly I speak english. Not just me though, most of my friends and family in Quebec are english as well. It's tough being english in a french town and a lot of the time you get alienated. Don't get me wrong I believe in kids being bilingual but how about having that same respect for your english inhabitants? I would LOVE to go to a Quebec McDonald's and see english AND french! Can I get an AMEN?

O.K...O.K....I'll stop ranting now because really it was just suppose to be an introduction to the title....You Know You Live In Quebec When.......

You are grocery shopping at 11:00 AM on a weekday and they are giving away free BEER samples!

Another thing you might not know about Quebec, you can buy booze ANYWHERE!

That my friends is a tell tale sign that you are in QUEBEC!

Happy Friday!



  1. and with that...Happy St-Jean Baptiste Day!

  2. I am proud to be from Quebec in that sense. :) I completely agree with you, it would be nice to see the English and French equally.

  3. See all the Hispanics are coming up and expect us to learn Spanish to be able to talk to them even though most of them are here illegally. And they aren't proud of our country, nope, they are proud of their own, bring their own traditions, and expect us to follow them... but they want all of our wages and benefits.

    haha and my fave, we deport the illegals back to Mexico and the Mexican government is blaming us for their violence :)

  4. Nicole, I encourage you to befriend a few Hispanic immigrants before you make too many comments concerning what they value, because your general lack of knowledge in that arena is glaringly obvious right now. Keep in mind that every immigrant group brings with them their own traditions and many are proud of where they come from. After all, unless you are full blooded Native American, you too are the decendent of immigrants, and unless our European ancenstors adopted a fully traditional Native American way of life, then they also expected to be able to maintain (and did!) their cultural norms. After all, isn't that why English and French is spoken in Canada? So lets not get too high and mighty about "our" languages, "our" culture" or "our" country. We need to remember that every person who is not a Native American is the result of imigration, and yes even some europeans (surprise!) came without proper documentation. Amazing, the irony of it all, don't you think?

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