Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Groomsman

This is normally the time that I would wish everyone a happy Wednesday and say "hold on, your half way through the week". However, for all of my Canadian readers get your red and white party hats on because tomorrow is everyone's Friday! July 1st is Canada Day!! WOO HOO

Seeing as it is so easy to screw up schedules on long weekends I figured I would ground us all by my Wedding Wednesday post, is it helping? Just humor me! :-)

Today is a special post. Not only is it the last (but certainly NOT least) member of Ryan's groomsmen but it also happens to be my brother. Therefore, I have LOTS of dirt!! I've been warning my brother all week to be nice to me! MOO HA HA (That's my evil laugh)

Todays post is also going to be special because Ryan and I both will be writing about my brother. I'll start!

Let me introduce you all to my brother, Jared:

Jared is 4 years older then me. I'm sure he would have rather had a brother when I was born to play ninja turtles with but no such luck. He got me, sucker!

Since Jared and I are a few years apart I think he always thought of himself as more mature! I remember him telling me NUMEROUS times that no matter what, he would always be older then me! Frigger! I have to admit though, for the most part we usually got along.

But, we had our moments. Jared was never a bully or someone who was violent. However, for a kid, he was smart and was good at manipulating me!

I remember Jared used to tell that there was quick sand all over the farm. One day when I was out helping Dad at our neighbors I fell in a manure pile and my rubber boots started to sink. Immediately I assumed I was being swallowed by quick sand and freaked right out! I jumped out of my boots and rolled out of the "quick sand" to my safety (at this time I was COVERED in cow manure).

I always got my pay back though because being the actress of the family I could turn on the tears in a second! Jared and I, for the most part, agreed on the same t.v shows. In the rare chance we didn't agree I would look over at Jared, smile, and then just start HOWLING. Claiming that my brother had hurt me he would sent for punishment and I would be with the remote control! We had a pretty typical brother/sister relationship.

Once we got older, Jared and I seemed to come to an understanding. It was better to use our powers (his manipulation skills and my acting) for the better instead of the worse. I think we probably got out of some trouble from my parents by working together for a better cause.

Jared left for college and I missed having another sibling in the house. He did return to the farm and married his sweet heart Holly. Not to mention they have my most favorite little munchkins, Faith and Clark.

Jared lives right across the road from us. It's a comfort level for me to have my brother there for me, always. As adults, Jared and I get along really well. I can honestly can that I can confide and trust in him with anything. I really am so lucky to have such an amazing brother and friend!

Why yes, our mother does still dress us alike.


You'll never know how much I look up to you. You really have been an amazing brother! It is so important to me that you are standing up there, supporting me, when I marry Ryan. Thank you for being apart of our wedding.

Love you,

It's going to take me FOREVER to deflate his head!

Ryan's turns:


My first memory of you was in high school. High English with Mrs. Halligan. I was in the wrong class


We didn't hang with the same group of friends in school. We had different friends and different interests.

I am sure Jared, you were shocked, maybe a little scared when Lindsay told you about us.

Over, the last three years Jared has become a great friend of mine. We defiantly have more in common now. We golf together, have a cold beer together and also some pretty good laughs too.

He is a good, proud father and a good husband.

Last but not least, thanks again for standing with me at our wedding. I promise you to treat your sister right for the rest of my life.

Thanks Brother (ha ha),


*Ryan's section was suppose to have pictures too but blogger is being a pain!!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!



  1. Awww...is that a picture of Teddy? I remember Teddy!
    I am laughing thinking of what someone would write about me if i was in their wedding and if I was in your wedding...I think you could tell the gator story and how I almost killed you while babysitting and then shrugged it off telling you - its okay linds, nothings wrong with you! HAHA!

  2. Ya...that's teddy! Good Ol' dog!!

    Oh Stacy, just wait...a Maddy post is coming up soon and you just gave me an idea!! ha ha!

  3. Are you gonna tell about the time you dropped Baby Maddy on her face and then pretended it was no big deal?? hee hee hee...

    I still think it's hilarious that you guys wore similar shirts to that golf tourney!!

    Great post!!

  4. Jill - the matching shirts was planned, we all know Aunt Sue had them picked out!! LOL

  5. Awe, look what I missed out on not having any siblings :(. Such a great post! And love the "matching" outfits :)

  6. Thanks everyone! The matching shirts were actually not planned but ended up being pretty funny part of that golf tournament!

  7. Thanks, Lindsay,
    I had a good giggle and LOVED the pictures!