Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Bridesmaid

Happy middle of the week everyone and officially (well yesterday) welcome to SUMMERTIME! Sometimes I just completely skip over most of spring because it feels like summer to me!

Being that it is Wednesday, I'd like to introduce you all to my final lady in my line up of bridesmaids! I'd like you all to meet Amanda:

Amanda and I have known each other for a very long time! You see we are the same age and we both live in this very small town! We both went to the same school from kindergarten....

I'm at the head of the table, Amanda's to my left

Through elementary school......

High School until we graduated!

Ya, we have known each other a long time! That's almost 17 years...wow! Through birthday parties, school trips, sleepovers, and much much more, Amanda has always been apart of my childhood memories!

Normally, after high school graduation, people part ways and drift apart. It's the sad reality of living in a small town and then going to the "big city" for further education!

Amanda went to college in Kingston and I went to school 4 hours away in Guelph. We were still friends but the visits became limited to holidays and special occasions.

Both Amanda and I finished our education early and moved back home. Instantly, since being in the same small community, our friendship continued on like there was no interruption. Movie dates, concerts, ice cream trips became a monthly occurrence!

Now, Amanda and her boyfriend Josh have become two of the greatest friends Ryan and I have had as a couple! Jokingly, we say Ryan is Josh's girlfriend. In fact, in September we will be venturing out to visit Josh (and I'll be driving out there with Amanda) in Calgary!

Amanda and I have a lot in common! Being that she is also a small town farm girl we always have something to talk about! And talk we do! I don't think 2 days goes by without some kind of exchange!


I still giggle every once in a while thinking about us as little girls growing up together. I am so thankful that throughout all of those years knowing each other we still maintained our friendship! You have been there for all of my major milestones (birthdays, graduation, heartbreaks, etc) and I couldn't imagine you not being there with me on my wedding day.

Thank you for being apart of mine and Ryan's special day!

Love you!




  1. Thanks for such a lovely post Lindsay! It has been lots of fun growing up together and staying in each other's lives. I am so grateful to have a friend like you. I can not wait for your trip out west! :)
    Thank you for asking me to be part of your special day! I look forward to your wedding in... 10 months, 2 weeks and 6 days!!
    Love you xo Amanda

  2. it's friends like this that you have to be careful when toast time comes around :)