Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Weekend Gone!

I was so looking forward to this weekend! It had been a busy week and I honestly couldn’t wait for some down time and maybe even catch up on sleep. Luckily, I got to do both!

Friday evening started the weekend out right!!! Neighbors and good friends, Sharon and Wayne, invited us over for a BBQ supper and bon fire! The supper was so good. It has handmade (huge!) burgers with all the fixings!

Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 002

Dinner at Sharon and Wayne’s farm with a view of the mountain’s.

It was beginning to get a little dark so Jill, Sharon and I ventured off to find some marshmallow roasting sticks! It was quite the adventure stomping through long (snake infested, I’m sure) grass, hang out with some cows, and Jill got electrocuted by the fence and kicked the drink right out of my hand! ha ha!

The adventure was successful and we brought back the sticks for everyone to enjoy marshmallows around the fire! It was a chilly (almost fall like) evening. Perfect for sitting around the fire, chatting with good friends!

Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 007

Thanks for the great night Sharon and Wayne

Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 006

Happy Birthday Wayne!!

I have been looking forward to Saturday for sometime! My lovely MOH and bridesmaids were getting together again! It had been way too long since we all had been together!

We were going on a mission to find bridesmaids dresses!! So, early Saturday morning my mom and all the girls ventured out to Renfrew for our first stop on the quest to find the perfect dresses!

We had quite a bit of success there and had one contender!

After trying on all those dresses on we were ready for lunch! We stopped at The Staye House in Arnprior.

Staye House

It was the first time a few of us had ever been there! Let me tell you…it was so delicious and has now been added to my list of favorite restaurants! It was like pub food but with some cool twists! So yummy!

After a long a leisurely lunch we set off to our second bridal salon to try on more dresses! This store seemed to have more of what we were looking for because dress after dress was getting a good reaction from all of us!

The decision ended up being pretty easy as Amanda tried on another dress one last time for comparison. We had the dress and I think all the girls are happy with it.

Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 009

Not the dress but one of the contenders! Rebekka modeling!

Saturday was so much fun laughing, shopping and visiting with Jilly, Rebekka and Amanda. Plus, it feels great to add another check mark to the to-do list!

Sunday morning Ryan and I headed to church to see our Minister Nancy who had been away at school all summer!

After church, we all headed over to my brother’s and SIL for BBQ hot dogs for lunch! Ryan and I got to play with the kiddies and have a yummy lunch with my family.

Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 018


Bonfire and Bridesmaids dresses 020


For the rest of Sunday it was time to relax, rest and get ready for another big week ahead of us.

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend Lindsey!

    LOVE the Staye House, the food is sooooo delicious.

  2. So it sounds like you got your bridesmaid dresses?? If so, that's awesome!

  3. Sounds like a super fun weekend!

  4. Liking that brown dress option! Looks like a FUN bonfires! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

  5. I'm not sure how I missed this post today - it never showed up in my Google Reader!! Anyways, so glad we had such a fun and successful day on Saturday!! :) And ohmygah...The Staye will have to be a reward for dieting at some point in the months to come! lol!!

  6. Wow, your weekend was great! My weekend was, uhm. Not as much as you.

  7. Your story about the marshmallow sticks had Reg & me roaring with laughter. I can just picture Jillian`s ninja move kick as a result of a run in with the fence. I too have had an encounter with one of those when I was a ranch hand in the Okanogan...I watched someone else get shocked so was careful not to myself.

    It was so lovely to see you & Ryan and the whole Hamilton gang & meet little (or not so!!)Clark!

    Th flowers sound so pretty! I love that Rolly will play perfect.

    Everything is coming together! Whoo hoo!