Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Flower Power – The Bouquets

Happy Wednesday everyone! The week is already half over! Today on Wedding Wednesday I’d like to talk about one of my favorite things, flowers!

Yes, as much as I love grass (as in the lawn!) I have another passion….flowers! I think they are like tiny miracles. To think that something so magnificent, colorful and bright can be grown from one little seed. My favorite flower specifically, Gerber Daisies.

Gerber Daisy 1







I think Gerber Daisies are just such a happy flower. It’s like their bright,colorful petals and big centre are smiling! They come in so many beautiful colors.

Gerber Daisy 2

It was without a doubt that I knew that I wanted to incorporate Gerber Daisy’s into the bridal bouquet of flowers.

Already having set my mind to my colors, I knew that I wanted nice bright yellow flowers for mine and my girls bouquets. The one thing I DIDN’T want was any touch of blue flowers! No offense to any blue flower lovers out there, it’s just not me.

Blue flower bouquet

I love the “round” look of bouquets that is in style versus the long cascading kind. I want the stem of my bouquet to be wrapped in soft satin ribbon as well.


There will be 6 bouquets in total. A bigger one for me and a smaller version for the bridesmaids.

Instead of traditional baskets with flower petals for the flower girls they will have small bouquets to hold instead.

Flower girl bouquet 

Finally, I would love to have a melody of flowers revolving around Gerber Daisies. Roses, Calla Lilies and other! All of my favorite flowers!


Love this but in yellow of course!

All the above probably seems pretty picky…I mean their just flowers right? Well yes, they are and in the grand scheme it really doesn’t matter. However, I can tell you the one thing I am looking forward to is wrapping my hands around that heavy yet soft fragrant bouquet and holding onto it tight as I walk down the aisle with my Dad.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I also love Gerber Daisies - they are a "happy" flower!

  2. Gerber daisises are my fav! I had them for my wedding too!

  3. Gerber Daisy's are my favourite as well! My girls bouquets are completely Gerber's.

  4. So is it traditional to throw the bouquet up there like it is here? If so, are you going to throw yours or have one like the bridesmaids that you throw?

  5. I had a gerber daisies in my wedding. Mine were multi-color...and my girls had white/orange combo.

  6. I love the bouquet look you're going for! And I think you should know what you want for flowers! They're a BIG part of wedding pictures! :)

  7. The pink bouquet that you want in yellow was the same bouquet that I used for my wedding, except I stayed with the pink. I originally wanted peonies, but they were unable to get them and they were $20 per flower. Too expensive :(

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